Mark Birnbaum- A well-known businessman in the hospitality industry!

“Mark Birnbaum is a well-known New Yorker; known for the transformations he made in New York’s Meatpacking district.”

Mark Birnbaum, Eugene Remm and Michael Hirtenstein are three popular names in the hospitality industry. Together they founded the EMM group, a group which is known for the quality services it provides, to its clientele. This group has established many nightlife entertainment venues and lounges in New York and Miami, capturing the attention of millions of people who love to party and have fun.

Mark Birnbaum has become popular for the transformation of the Meatpacking district, making it a place that people love to visit and where they enjoy and have fun with their friends and family. The Forbes magazine titled Mark Birnbaum as “New York’s King” of the night life, making him popular worldwide.

In the last few years, the EMM group built a strong business portfolio and reputation in the hospitality industry, by establishing many night life centers and organizing numerous events.

In 2013, the EMM group established a vibrant Mexican restaurant in the Meatpacking district, grabbing the attention of all food lovers. This group also established Lexington Brass, SL East, The Chandelier and The Estate, a property in Sag Harbor for conducting various types of events. In addition to this, CATCH, established in 2011, in the heart of Meatpacking district, is the best place for seafood lovers.

Mark Birnbaum and the EMM group identified the needs of people, and worked accordingly to provide the highest level of services to make their clients happy and satisfied. The Chandelier Room, Tenjune, Catch Roof and SL; are some of the most popular restaurants and lounges that offer an exciting atmosphere, high quality services and top class entertainment, making them popular all around the globe, therefore making the EMM group unique.

Today, EMM group has more than a 1000 employees, who are continuously working, in order to make this group, the best in the hospitality industry.

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