Decoding the Identity Theft

Decoding the Identity Theft

Is Identity theft a crime?

Yes, Definitely!

When someone commits identity theft by using your name and credit record can take months, even years to clarify the confusion. Clarification of identity theft can be very expensive.

What exactly it is stolen in an identity theft?

In an identity theft thieves fraudulently obtain account numbers name, address, phone numbers, bank accounts and credit cards, license and social security number of the driver (SSN).

How are you committed to identity theft?

People who commit identity theft are very resourceful and information from different sources. A very simple way is by stealing wallets and purses carrying identification and credit card or theft of personal information from your home directly. Identity theft can be carried out by people who pretend to be an employer, landlord or any other person having the legal right to their personal information. Perpetrators of identity theft can steal records from employers, or bribe an employee access to records that have or even breaking into computers in the organization.

Another method is identity theft going through your personal or business trash called as "dumpster diving". Identity theft can be carried out by a person abusing the trust of the employer and access to credit report information.

Personal information may be obtained by stealing credit card numbers and debit cards with a quick read through the storage device special information processing these cards. Identity theft is committed by stealing your mails containing your bank statements and credit cards, pre-approved offers of credit, tax information or new controls.

How to use the information after identity theft?

After identity theft authors can use their credit and debit numbers to make large purchases such as computers, televisions, etc., that can be sold later. People who commit identity theft can make counterfeit checks and debit cards and use your bank account or open a bank account in your name and write bad checks.

Identity theft can be used to open a new credit account through all your personal information such as name, date of bills, social security number and any nonpayment of bills reflected in its report credit. Identity theft can be used to obtain an auto loan in your name, establish cellular phone service name.

Another serious consequence of identity theft is when you give your name to the police for identity thieves, and release when not presented in court, a warrant will be issued in your name. This leads to serious problems.

How he identifies himself a victim of identity theft?

You should always keep up with all your financial records and relationships and be careful with your personal information. Identity theft can be found out by checking for unexplained charges and withdrawals from your account. You can say that identity theft if you receive calls from debt collectors or companies claiming payments for goods or services not purchased by you. You can say that you are a victim of identity theft when receiving credit cards that did not apply and when your credit application is rejected without cause. Any mail indicating a change of address or not receive any mail in the right direction show a cause of identity theft. Use softwares like Lifelock and read Lifelock reviews to understand more.