Secret engagement photographer offers free Marriage Proposal photography for LGBT couples in New York in honor of the victims of Orlando shooting.

NYC - based engagement photographer Vlad Leto will photograph LGBT Marriage Proposals for free till the end of June, including the Gay Pride Parade in honor the memory of victims of the horrific shooting in Orlando.


New York – June 12, 2016 -  Vlad Leto announced his desire to photograph LGBT marriage proposals for free this month. June is the official Gay Pride Celebration month and usually it is the time when people from all over the country are coming to the Big Apple to celebrate the gay rights movement and also to pop the question, especially now when New York legalized same-sex marriages. 

After the horrible shooting in the Orland gay club, tons of people and LGBT communities expressed support to the victims and their families. Vlad Leto is known for his secret same-sex proposal photography and he also wants to show support to the community by offering free photo sessions to any LGBT couple, who would like to propose by the end of June. 

‘Free Marriage Photography is the least I can do to show my support to the LGBT community. I know lots of gay couples were waiting for this month to celebrate and attend the events in the city. It is the month of joy and love and I would like to capture that love no matter what”, Vlad says.

Vlad Leto came to New York in 2005 and became city known ‘spy’ engagement photographer. In 2015 he breaks his record, which is 300-engagement proposal photography and video per year. Later on this year he launched a new company called Proposal 007, which provides proposal planning along with the photo and video support. Vlad Leto and his work has been featured in/on The New York Times, Business Insider, NBC 4 New York, Euro News, Cosmopolitan, The Daily Mail and more.


Vlad Leto

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