The M.O.M. Method Provides Kids’ Time, Task Management Tools for Back-to-School Success

New Web-based parenting tool empowers kids to become more self-reliant, organized for the new school year.

Forgotten homework, lost lunchboxes and morning meltdowns. Back-to-school season is upon us once again. For many families, getting through the daily routine only happens when mom and dad play task-master with their kids – hovering, assigning, reminding, nagging, negotiating, arguing, yelling – until everything gets done. Tomorrow, and the next day, the routine is repeated.

But this “helicopter” approach to parenting is ineffective in teaching kids how to become confident, organized and self-sufficient. In fact, quite the opposite. It’s no picnic for parents either.

Enter: The M.O.M. Method (Manage and Organize Myself), the first comprehensive, Web-based parenting tool to combine time and task management tools for kids (ages six to 12) and a practical step-by-step parenting guide for moms and dads.

Researchers have linked strong time management skills in kids with success later in life, including both college and career.  While knowing how to effectively manage one’s time is a critical life skill, it’s not something children are born with. It must be taught in a conscious and deliberate way and reinforced through daily repetition to form good habits. The M.O.M. Method provides the structure and tools to do just that, so that kids start to understand exactly how much time routine tasks take so they can learn to plan accordingly. This allows everything—from getting ready for school to completing homework and chores—to go much more smoothly for the whole family. 

The M.O.M. Method is a cross between a chores chart and a calendar. It goes beyond the basic checklist to teach kids about task management in a more meaningful way by introducing the element of time. New skills are honed in three progressive stages, with kids mastering one set of skills before moving onto the next. Being able to successfully—and independently—plan for the short- and long-term benefits kids at home, school and in all other aspects of their lives. In turn, kids are much better prepared for the more rigorous demands of the “Real World.”

The M.O.M. Method was created as a solution to the real-life challenges Founder Stephanie Katleman was having as a working single-mom. Designed as a recipe for good, positive parenting, the comprehensive program includes:

  • Time Management—The M.O.M. Method takes the family refrigerator calendar and kid’s chores chart to an entirely new level by providing responsibilities within the context of time—teaching kids to gauge and manage time for all the things they do
  • Task Management—Unique schedules and parenting methodology to help children to understand what they are responsible for doing and when—from personal care/hygiene to homework to household chores
  • Calendaring—Weekly and monthly calendars designed just for kids, serving as a road map and visual reminder so kids know what to expect each day so they are totally prepared and ready for action
  • Point System—An engaging point system to motivate children and help them understand the connection between their effort and the positive results it produces
  • Reporting—Insightful reports that enable parents to see trends in task performance, so they can make adjustments to their children’s schedules and responsibilities, as needed
  • Planning Tool—Proprietary online planning wizard that helps children learn the steps involved in short-term planning, from identifying what needs to get done to working backward and estimating time requirements
  • Communication Tools—Clear and concise worksheets and contracts to help parents and children work as a team to build trust and minimize power struggles
  • Parenting Resources—A step-by-step guide, parent forum (coming soon), blog, email tips and progress updates to support parents throughout the journey and optimize the family experience
  • Mobile App—A complement to our web-based program for convenient access (via iPhone/iPad) to checklists, tools and resources on the go

“Many kids have a hard time making the transition back to school after summer break, but a structured family game plan is the best way to ensure success,” said Katleman. “Kids thrive on structure and routine. Shifting the responsibility for managing that routine from parent to child mitigates the power struggles, enhances the overall family dynamic and teaches invaluable, long-term life skills.”

About The M.O.M. Method

The M.O.M. Method is the first comprehensive, Web-based parenting tool to combat “helicopter parenting.” by teaching kids (ages six to 12) the time and task management skills necessary to become more self-reliant, while removing parents from the role of task-master.

The software-as-a-service, or SaaS, program and is currently free. Flexible membership plans, starting at $3.99 per month, will be introduced in Fall 2014. For more information or to sign up for The M.O.M. Method, visit The M.O.M. Method can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.