Blue label Vodka gets an exceptional recognition by the Beverage Testing Institute

August 1st, 2014

Blue Label Vodka has won many awards and medal for its exemplary quality product. The vodka has been recognized for its quality and distinct mark of excellence. One of the recognitions is the exceptional score of 93 and Gold Medal, awarded by the Beverage Testing Institute in this years competition.

According to the Beverage Testing Institute, Blue Label Vodka have met exceptional quality and standards. On a tasting that was done on August 2014, the vodka scored 93 points, the second highest level that any spirit can attain. This according to the Beverage Testing Institute is an exceptional performance given that the company has only been in the market for two years. Blue Label Vodka was given the following description, it is clear in color , has aromas of banana bread, custard, and dried fruit with a silky, dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body and a smooth mineral, pepper, and mint finish. A rock solid vodka for a wide variety of cocktails.

To make the information consistent the Beverage Testing Institute has a dedicated lab in Chicago. The lab is specially designed in order to minimize external factors and on the other hand maximize the tasting panelists’ concentration. Tasting for a given product is done at the same time of day, this is practically every weekday in the morning to ensure that the same ideal conditions persist, they also curtailed the quantity they can taste to avoid fatigue and increase the level of accuracy. These are panels of highly experienced and professional tasters.

A product which attains a grade of 88 and above is considered very good, as the grade increases the product becomes even much better. A score of between 90 and 92 is a truly excellent in style and distinction. A grade of between 93 and 95 is outstanding both in terms of style and distinction; this level is only one step below the mark where the product is declared a world class experience. The products are arranged into a system which corresponds to a five star ranking, where those with a score of between 90 and 95 are awarded a Gold medal, the exceptional category in terms of quality, style and distinction.

Blue Label Vodka scored an exceptional score of 93, making it one of the most valued brands in the market, according to the Beverage Testing Institute, the leading wine, beer and spirits tasting organization.

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