Free People + Free Enterprise, Create Jobs & Prosperity

You can help restore the great American Idea: that it takes free people + free enterprise to create jobs & prosperity. These are basic truths that the Founders felt in their bones, but today's schools, media and movies ignore or deny. 

Putting a simple message of America's exceptional idea on your rear window glass will reach out and deliver thought provoking truth to uncountable people. It's car-to-car communication that can spread the American idea from person to person, bypassing the controlling "tyrants" our Founders foresaw.  

Get one or two for all your family vehicles, your family and friends' cars and help spread the American Idea with the Glass Roots Movement.

Welcome to the Glass Roots Movement

Nothing to join, helping spread the American Idea is simple and easy as 1..2..3.

1.   Go to the website, pick out your favorite Bumper/Window Sticker and order.

2.   About a week later your Sticker will arrive in the U.S. Mail ready to apply on your vehicle. All stickers are 8.5 x 4.5 inches, Flag Shape & removable to save wear in the carwash.

3.   Drive your vehicle as usual to work, school, etc…and you’ll be spreading the American Idea to all sorts of people, many of whom are not aware of how America’s exceptional idea works.


Randall Barnett