Michael Leigh, Nationally Known Telecomm Expert, Launches Cadence Technology Services

(St. Louis) – Cadence Technology Services (CadenceTSC), a nationwide telecommunications firm that offers services ranging from voice and data infrastructure to hardware and provisioning, was recently launched by Michael Leigh, CadenceTSC president and founder.

Leigh is a serial entrepreneur who has an extensive career of 20+ years in the telecommunications industry having held senior-level management and sales positions. He founded CadenceTSC to provide a better, more personalized customer experience and offer a more diversified portfolio of products and services.


Prior to founding CadenceTSC, he was the founding member and principal of HALE Communications, where he managed the client relationships and worked with multiple carriers to understand their services offerings.


“Telecomm is an ever-changing, multifaceted industry that can be exciting and overwhelming. For clients, our No. 1 priority is to find that one customized solution that will help them with their immediate communication needs and anticipate how their businesses will grow with the right telecomm infrastructure already in place,” said Leigh.


“Clients are the lifeblood of our business, and the ability to provide value and immediate solutions is the core focus for our team,” he added.


St. Louis-based Cadence Technology Services (CadenceTSC), a leading nationwide telecommunications firm, is in the business of business – data lines, voice lines and bottom lines. The firm offers the single best, customized value-driven communication and hardware solution for any size business in any industry. To learn more, visit or call 844.CADENCE.