Red Yeast Rice Powder Based Herbal Medicine from Quality Herb Now Available Online

China - Chinese civilization has come a long way since the days of Tang dynasty, but Red Yeast Rice Powder has still not lost its relevance. Quality Herb, an Anhui province based biopharmaceutical research and production firm, brings the best of benefits of red yeast rice powder to their users. After years of research and hard work, the researchers of the firm have been able to bring the choicest herbs and their medicinal benefits to their consumers, with functional red yeast rice powder being one of them. Monkolin is the key ingredient in this particular medicine, the owners expressed.

According to the owners of Quality Herb, the medicine promotes healthy cholesterol levels, and is supported by years of intensive research. They also claimed that the product is fully natural and can naturally complement regular diet. The research team at Quality Herb also claimed that the red yeast rice powder that they have used in their latest medicine and nutritional supplement has been thoroughly tested in laboratory.

“The benefits that the consumers can derive are primarily because of the HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors presence in the medicine. The component can control the cholesterol level in the human liver. Red yeast rice, when in consort with the HMG-CoA inhibitors, can provide many additional health benefits to the users who take it according to physician’s advice”, said a senior researcher from Quality Herb laboratory.

According to the researcher, they mainly source plant and plant parts from mountains and plateaus in different parts of China that are otherwise almost inaccessible by laypeople. “We collect the herbs from some of the remotest locations of China and many of our raw materials are sourced from Dabieshan Mountain in China. We have a storage capacity for 1000 tons of raw materials of different kinds. Thanks to our forward-thinking and innovative management, we have been able to produce many magical medicines to date and we will continue to do so. We manufacture supplement, health foods, pharmaceutical products and beverages, all of which have great nutritional and health benefits”, added the researcher speaking on behalf of Quality Herb.

About the Company

Quality Herb is the online retail store of Xuancheng Quality Herb Co.,LTD..

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