Smartphones and Smartwatches to adopt new IGZO Displays as it offers better battery life and supports touch screen

IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) is a semiconductor that can be used to make transparent transistors. It has 20 to 50 times more electron mobility as compared to amorphous silicon. IGZO is said to be the future of high resolution displays that allows high pixel densities and help in reducing the power consumption. IGZO technology is commercially adopted by big players in the market. This technology is used in flat-panel displays such as monitor’s, smartphones, and tablets. There are five thin transparent layers in the monitor display that allows the light to escape that enables us to see the display. Behind the monitor, a transparent layer of glass with millions of tiny electrodes is present. Each pixel comes with a transparent transistor. The performance and quality of display depends on the size of these transparent transistors.


 The IGZO display market is crucial for the success of various products with high resolution display panel. Growing demand of high resolution display for better image quality is expected to drive IGZO display market in the future.


Short Analytics on IGZO Display Market:


The demand for IGZO screen display is clearly growing at a steady pace across the globe, according to IndustryARC studies.  These displays are replacing the amorphous-silicone market in the end-use sectors

IGZO laptops are growing in terms of both demand and supply, around the world. Sharp is a noted to be a leading player which is gearing up with the IGZO product development and manufacture. Next generation IGZO MEMS display expected to feature 10x higher light efficiency.


Segmentation Brief of IGZO Display Market:


IGZO Display Market is analyzed in depth by IndustryARC according to few broad deciding factors like:


By Application: Monitor, Smartphone, Tablet PC, Wearable Devices and Others.

By Geography: Americas, Europe, APAC and ROW.


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Prominent Vendors Outlook of IGZO Display Market:


Apart from LG, Samsung and other long-time leaders of the IGZO Market, Sharp is a latest industry which is preparing mass production of its new product- next generation super IGZO display panels. This innovation might very well gain prominence like other Sharp IGZO products, be it IGZO monitor or sharp IGZO display.


According to this report by the research experts on Global IGZO Display Market, Sharp’s Super IGZO display boasts a boost to resolution over its current IGZO line-up. Furthermore, the display will also apparently be 10 to 20 percent more energy efficient, making them a very tempting prospect for mobile as they already consume a fraction of the power of TFT LCD displays. Mass production of this new display could begin in early 2016 at Sharp’s Kameyama Plant No. 2 in Mie Prefecture.


IndustryARC has studied more than 40 top players of the IGZO Display Market and included in-depth understanding of the complete list in this market research report with few of the companies involved being:


·         LG Electronics (South Korea)

·         Samsung Group (South Korea)

·         Asus (Taiwan)

·         Fujitsu (Japan)

·         Sony Corporation (Japan)

·         Apple Inc. (U.S.)



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