Blue Sky Dentistry Strengthens Painless Dentistry Treatments

Blue Sky Dentistry, a leading dental practice in Northern Ireland, strengthens their painless dentistry solutions. Patients with dental phobia can get their treatments from the clinic for a more secure and less frightening experience.

[WELLINGTON PARK, BELFAST, JUNE 23, 2014] –Blue Sky Dentistry, a top dental practice in Northern Ireland, strengthens their painless dentistry services. Patients who fear dentistry or have severe apprehensions about dental care can get a more secure and less frightening experience through the clinic’s painless treatments.

Blue Sky Dentistry offers a range of high-quality dental services, including general, implant, facial aesthetic, cosmetic, and preventive dentistry. They are proud to share that their practice can provide a solution to various dental problems. This is the commitment that their team of experienced dentists adhere to. In line with this commitment, the clinic strengthens their painless dentistry treatments for people with dentophobia.

Painless Dentistry

Blue Sky Dentistry understands that fear of the dentist or anxiety towards certain dental treatments can be a big hindrance to proper oral care. This is the main reason they offer painless dentistry solutions to patients with dental phobia.

The clinic offers two types of painless treatments: intravenous (IV) sedation and relative sedation.

Blue Sky Dentistry’s IV sedation uses a drug, usually of the anti-anxiety variety, to help calm patients down before a procedure. This mild sedation puts patients in a state of deep relaxation (though conscious) so they can understand and respond to any directions or questions from the dentist during treatment.

Relative sedation, meanwhile, is more popularly known as the solution that uses nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. This procedure will only require the patient to breathe using a special mask that supplies nitrous oxide and oxygen. The clinic’s experienced dental professionals will carefully adjust the mixture so that patients are relaxed, comfortable, yet still conscious and responsive.

High-Standard Dental Solutions

Aside from painless dentistry, the professionals at Blue Sky Dentistry also perform different dentistry treatments, including root canal therapies, oral surgery and fillings, bone/sinus grafting, soft tissue grafting, Botox and fillers, teeth whitening, orthodontics, and other related services.

Individuals who want to make their dream smile a reality are encouraged to set an appointment with one of Blue Sky Dentistry’s dentists.

About Blue Sky Dentistry

Blue Sky Dentistry is a premier dental practice in Belfast, Northern Ireland offering high-quality, bespoke dental solutions and services. They offer a range of services that fall under general dentistry, implant dentistry, facial aesthetics, painless and cosmetic surgery. What makes this clinic different from many other practices is that they provide a holistic approach to dental care.

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