~Tips from Hunter Douglas on How to Make It Work in Your Home~


PEARL RIVER, N.Y., June 23, 2015 – “Eclectic style has both reference to the past and to a global lifestyle, but in the final analysis, speaks with one voice,” said famed designer Vicente Wolf of Vicente Wolf Associates, Inc. in New York.

Our homes are more eclectic today than ever before, reflecting who we are and where we’ve been or shopped and all the things in between we love, but how do we make them speak with one voice and create a unique style and design environment?

Kim Kiner, Vice President of Textile & Material Design and The Alustra® Collection, Hunter Douglas, North America’s leading window fashions manufacturer, asked three new luminaries in the design world from across the country, Christina Graci of Graci Interiors in New Orleans, Lonni Paul of Lonni Paul Design in Los Angeles and Young Huh of Young Huh Interior Design in New York, just that.  Here’s what they had to say:


Before you begin the design process, take a step back and make a plan for what you are trying to achieve. For example, “Think about the color story and effect each hue has on the other,” says Young Huh. For example, while working on the Ronald McDonald House® of Long Island, Huh used neutral Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades to make the bold accents in the room pop.

Huh continues, “Do you want a dynamic room? Then add colors that contrast, but that have a similar level of saturation. Do you want a soothing room? Then keep colors tonal with less contrast.” If you have a good understanding of what the outcome should be, you’re starting off on the right foot. Your initial vision won’t be obscured by all the details in between.


While eclectic is defined as “deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources,” according to the Oxford Dictionary, this doesn’t mean the look will automatically work if interesting but disparate pieces are thrown together. “A simple grouping of three to five objects will have much more visual impact when placed in a prominent area of your space than an entire shelf full of a collection,” suggests Lonni Paul. You have the right to be meticulous about what will be displayed in your home, so don’t settle for an object or piece of furniture that will just add clutter and not enhance the aesthetic.


Creating an interesting, diverse yet pulled together room isn’t a one shot deal. Christina Graci says, “An eclectic space should be built over time. Each piece should have a meaning or story.” She believes nothing is too eclectic when it comes to finding the right piece, but what you decide on should be what truly inspires you and has meaning.


Eclecticism isn’t about thinking within the rules and hanging on tightly to a single paradigm. Graci continues, “Brightly colored pieces, fun, bold shapes and patterns, and all sorts of proportions will help create your space. Try to think of what typically wouldn’t match or ‘go’ together instead of what should go together.” Be brave and create unique visions. While completing a room is always exciting, there’s extra satisfaction in pioneering a vision that spans typical boundaries.


It’s key that a room doesn’t feel overwhelming. If an item has no relationship to the rest of the space, the entire ambiance will be thrown off. “Scale and proportion are probably two of the most important principles to consider when putting a space together,” points out Paul. “One piece should not overpower other equally important pieces in the space.” In the end, you want the interior to be filled with items that draw your eye to them because they work seamlessly in an eclectic room.


“Maintaining clean and classic lines on furnishings allows you to introduce more unique pieces of décor and art to give your room a personal touch,” Paul advises. By sticking to the basics as your core, it allows you to really have fun with designing the rest of the interior. When it comes to window treatments, “They can provide a neutral backdrop and also allow you to control the light in your space. I love Provenance® Woven Wood Shades by Hunter Douglas for their natural texture and the eclectic feeling they create,” continues Paul.


An eclectic look is a particularly unique design style because it’s all about bringing the diverse aspects of your life and personality into one completed space. “Your home should be a collection of all things you love and a reflection of a life well lived,” says Paul. Many don’t realize personal style extends beyond the way one dresses and should be reflected in one’s living space.


To bring a room together, you have to ensure the interior furnishings and window treatments complement one another. If the windows are lacking, it takes away from what has been thoughtfully curated in the rest of the room. “It's about form, function, and light, and window treatments can both enhance and pull together a room,” says Huh. “Hunter Douglas has a great range of stylish, functional and well-crafted products that work beautifully in spaces.  Many of our projects will layer either roller shades, honeycomb shades, wood blinds and of course, plantation style shutters, in addition to curtain panels, decorative pelmets and valances,” concludes Huh. Hunter Douglas is a go-to resource when designing a unique room as there are a multitude of options available to fit any need.

Embrace your inner eclecticism and let it show throughout your home. Use these top designer tips to make it work like the pros.  

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