Technician from famous Anti DDoS service supplier describe with people Main types of DDoS attacks in today’s internet world

China – DDoS attacks take up a lot of network resources through a lot of legitimate requests. It could achieve the purpose of paralysis result of the network. This attack can be mainly divided into the following categories by its effect. Some attacks make use of network overload to interfere or block the normal network communications; some attacks submit a large number of requests to the server so that the server will be easily overload; some attacks block user to access the server and some block certain services¡¯ communication with specific system or personal communications. In order to help people know more about these attacking types, today, the technician from ClearDDoS Technology Co., Limited which is the famous supplier for DDoS Service service will introduce with people them.

The first type of the DDoS attack should be the IP spoofing which a method that hacker send bogus packets to the server in order to practice deception server. Specifically, the principle is that the sending package by hacker contains IP address which does not exist or is not legitimate. Once the server receives this package, it will return the accepting package for this requesting packet, in fact, this package will never return to the source computer as there is no address for the original requesting package. This approach enables the server to open the necessary ports continue to wait for the returning message, which will waste all aspects of system resources.

The second method which the technician from DDoS Mitigation SUPPLIER ClearDDoS Technology Co., Limited wants to let people know should be the LAND attack. This attack is similar to SYN floods. However, the original address and destination IP addresses in the LAND attack packets are all the object of attack activities. This attack will cause the infinite loop of the attacked machine and eventually run out of resources and crashes.

After the introduction of LAND attack, the third one is the ICMP floods. This kind of DDoS attack makes use of the unset router to broadcast message to and occupy a large amount of source on computer¡¯s network.

The last one is very newly type for DDOS, which should be the so called Application level floods. Unlike the previous narrative attack, Application level floods mainly aimed at the application software which is higher than the OSI. It will also cause into the effect of waste lot of system resources propose unrestrained resources request to IIS service program to persecute normal network application services . This kind of attack will all appear on the mobile terminal such as ipad and smart phone.

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