Family hotels

Family hotels must be well designed spaces reflecting the needs and tastes of all the members. Offering good services for children is not enough if parents have not an alternative to enjoy their free time. It is true that most of the travellers are happy with a hotel having a good swimming pool area to sunbathe, a wide room with private bathroom and a varied cuisine service, but there are more and more guests requesting specific services and spaces where they can really rest and get away from the routine.

In this sense, as we have previously said in this blog, the family accommodations that we find nowadays in the main destinations of the European coast have become aware and have started to repair some accommodations with significant lacks from the 60's and 70's, tourism boom time.

Some of them have focused on the improvement and renovation of facilities, concentrating efforts on offering more complete rooms, with more comfortable spaces, modern and friendly furniture, and restaurant services in keeping with new needs and tastes: theme dinners with international cuisine (Japanese, Thai, Italian...)  dietary dishes, vegetarian menus and special products for coeliacs and allergic people, food for children, etc.

Other hotels, with a more bold plan and more investment, have bet on a radical change and specialization in specific publics, allowing them to undeniably stand out among the rest. In the case of the called Flintstones Hotels which belong to the Sol Hotels line of MeliĆ , offering to the parents the possibility of booking a hotel on the seashore, conceived as a small theme park for children.

Other accommodations have opted for paying attention to the needs of the adults, keeping a good service of miniclub and creating new wellness facilities compatible with the days of beach and good cuisine. Thus, family hotels with Only Adults areas or spa appeared, among which stand out many accommodations in Majorca, such as the spa and golf resorts close to Palma.
Romantic evenings with special service of miniclub or minidisco, collective activities, sport options for all ages...  The range of plans have also significantly changed in the last years, looking for more and more harmony between the members of the family that travel and share hotel.

The most neglected niche are the teenagers: too big to enjoy a miniclub, but too small to travel alone during a week. Nevertheless, it is likely that there will be progress in the coming years. The activities, facilities and options offered nowadays by family hotels do not care for this public, which ends up choosing activities for adults such as sports, or just sunbathing on the pools.