VMD brings a reason to jubilate by providing an opportunity to negotiate the Floor Plan Drafting Project at the lowest possible price

16th January, 2014 New Delhi, India VMD CAD & Graphic Technologies Pvt. Ltd offers a reason to jubilate as there is an opportunity to negotiate the floor plan drafting project at the lowest possible price while stipulating your technical specifications. This negotiation facility has not put any bar on the quality of the services since it will be world class as always.

VMD facilitates drafting of any style of floor plan like Colonial style, Conventional Ranch style, Traditional, One storey, Two storey, Multi level etc. The input sent by the client may vary from AutoCAD Application to scanned images or hand-made drawings on paper. The team of expert professionals at VMD is adept at both two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) drafting.

However, the company is committed to provide flawless output. But, if you feel that the floor plan does not suit your lifestyle, you can find the shortcomings, easily and get your project edited as this is the best way to insight into the floor plan of your house. The formats in which they save floor plans like DWG or DGN are fully editable. You can also get the floor plans customized as per your desires giving them the feel of real-life images.

“We have made our pricing procedure flexible by allowing our clients to negotiate instead of paying fixed prices”, said the director Mr. Avinish. VMD is well versed with the necessary infrastructure, software and latest updates eliminating a single reason to compromise with the quality of output. Request a quote at the address below and the company will contact you within the same day to lead the process forward.

VMD CAD & Graphic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. D-7, Galaxy Tower, Vikas Puri, New Delhi-110018, India Tel.: +91-124-4067998. Find more information at

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