How to choose framework regarding eyeglasses based on ones age?

For children, the frame should be light and the nose pad should be lower for their nasal bone is not fully developed and it changes rapidly in the process of development.The best choice for shcool kids is plastic glasses frames, and metal frame is not suitable for them for the nose pad of metal frame could cause allergy and the oppression of nasal bone.

Adults may take the shape of their face, their noses, their pupillary distance, their skin color and hair color into consideration, so as to reveal their personalities and characteristics. Young women usually prefer delicate frames with bright colors, while young men like bold glasses frames with deep colors more. people with broad face will not match with small and narrow frames, and those who have a long face do not go well with large and broad frames.

Seniors should select their frames according to their personal needs.the polycarbonate glasses used for reading at home is suitable for a larger frame, which could assure the user to have a broad vision both in the distance and nearby. The metal frame could last for a long time and would not disform easily. The siniors may choose lens with light color, which can not only protect their eyes from the strong sunlight, but also have the effect of softening their facial lines to make them appear tp have a younger face.