Affluent Wealth Club pays close attention to the economic "news" blaring forth daily from all corners of the globe. The latest jobs creation report shows the number of jobs expected to materialize in August missed the mark by several thousand.  That fact, along with the market's bristling ups and downs the last week, have given many people a sense of uneasiness when it comes to our allegedly strengthening economy.  If you have concerns, you're right to not want to drink that particular KoolAid because things are not as rosy as "they" would have you believe.  

That's where the Affluent Wealth Club really shines.  Our members are taught to avoid the typical "KoolAid" at all costs and to follow their specialized plan to keep growing their money, and more importantly, protect it from any and all potentially disastrous scenarios.  For members committed to seeing life-changing improvements in their financial portfolios and their overall lifestyles, it doesn't matter how far the Yuan goes south, or how low the yield is on Treasury bills or what the unemployment or jobs creation rate is.  Unlike the average wealth club that requires a minimum of one million dollars in seasoned money to be able to join them, the Affluent Wealth Club believes normal, hard-working people have the right to be wealthy and deserve the chance to do so.  Affluent Wealth Club makes it possible for them to have that one-of-a-kind knowledge, not attainable anywhere on the planet, and in that process, gives them the opportunity to realize a dream or two.

Affluent Wealth Club has had so much interest, not only around the country, but in countries overseas, that we will shortly make the Affluent Wealth Club membership available to those people.  People mistakenly believe that money is power.  While it's true that money can facilitate your life in ways that otherwise can't be done, the REAL power comes from knowledge and knowledge alone.  Any material asset, given a particular set of circumstances, can vanish.  Knowledge can NEVER be taken from you.  The kind of information our members receive from the Affluent Wealth Club is not found anywhere else and is the kind that can very rapidly raise your financial circumstances to never before imagined heights.  The cost for making this kind of investment in a wildly different future than you planned for yourself is a reasonable membership fee and the commitment of your time and energy to follow the program specifically geared to your goals.  Please visit us at and direct inquiries to