Ship Goods Worldwide from U.S. Sellers with From-US

Ever gone on and browsed through their extensive sections of items, only to find that your product of choice cannot be delivered outside of the United States? It can be a difficult problem to solve, especially if those products are not available in your country. Instead of trying to find a friend or family member who lives in the United States, use From-US to get all of your products delivered right to your door.

Shipping Options:

The process of ordering through From-US is very easy. In fact, there are two options for Shopping from USA on their website. The first option is to use their "concierge mode", where From-US takes care of the entire process. All you have to do is provide them with a link to the product. They will place the order, receive it at their shipment location, process the item(s), and ship the package(s) to your home or business address. You are able to choose a shipping option that best suits your situation, and From-US gives you a quote for the total cost of the operation.

The second option is to get items in "direct purchase mode". This means that you will order the items directly from the United States seller's website. In the shipping address section you will enter the address provided by From-US. The entire process can be tracked 24/7 from your From-US account.


The best part about From-US is that they have very fair and affordable rates for customers. There are two plans available for subscription, open and expert. The open plan is free, with customers paying between 6% to 13% on top of their order price to From-US. The expert option includes a one time yearly fee (similar to Amazon Prime), with additional costs ranging from 5% to 11% on top of the transaction cost.

The expert option also provides a free of cost insurance (up to $100) on each shipment. There is also a 50% discount on your first shipment, with 10% discounts on shipping for every order after that. These discounts are added to the already discounted commission taken by From-US.


From-Us allows the option of delivery through DHL, Fedex and the United States Postal Service. Prices with the USPS are far less expensive, but that also means the package will be handled by your national postal service as it enters the country. If their track record with packages is questionable, it is better to spend the extra money and go with DHL and Fedex.

With fair prices, great services, complete transparency and delivery all around the world, From-US is the best way to get products from United States sellers wherever you live.

The packet forwarding services of From-US ensures that customers can Import from USA no matter where they live. Tired of limitations on Amazon that only allow for shipping to United States addresses? Do your Shopping from USA with From-US.