DCD Agency Emerges as Atlanta's Premiere Video Centric Inbound Marketing Agency

Atlanta-based DCD Agency solves business' lead generation needs by using a video-based inbound marketing strategy.

ATLANTA, GA, June 26, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Atlanta inbound marketing and video production firm DCD Agency is at the top of client services providing a video-based inbound marketing suite of services targeted toward satisfying its clients' marketing and lead generation needs.

The strategy behind the service DCD Agency offers is to solve business' lead generation problems by using video centric inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing has long been known to be an essential component of any effective internet marketing plan. Using its proven video-centric method, DCD features services which enable it to meet its client's needs for focused marketing services. By offering its wide range of unparalleled marketing services including a vital video component which enables the use of images to reach its marketing targets, DCD is able to provide a level of quality marketing services previously unavailable in the Atlanta area.

David Caron, CEO of DCD Agency said, "Inbound marketing and content marketing are growing but video content marketing is where businesses need to be positioning themselves. Video is growing exponentially every year and it will soon be the most consumed form of content on the internet. Businesses not using video content in their marketing will be left behind licking their wounds."

DCD Agency is Atlanta, GA's only premiere video centric inbound marketing agency focused on leveraging video content marketing for businesses and organizations.

By using video technology to get client information out to the buying public, DCD is tapping into a previously unused client market. Instead of providing marketing services based solely on content, DCD is able to use a visual marketing component to depict its clients capabilities to their target markets.

DCD Agency's cutting edge video marketing and inbound marketing services include: Needs analysis and market research, strategy and game plan creation, campaign development, creation of engaging custom content and video production, Marketing campaign implementation and launch, testing and optimization, and measurement and tracking of the effectiveness and impact of each client's marketing campaign on its bottom line.

The result of DCD Agency's client-focused marketing campaigns is to provide its clients with profit-driven marketing.

Keeping in view its clients' emphasis on bottom-line results, DCD Agency is able to produce targeted marketing services which go beyond the scope of previous marketing efforts and which enable the firm to match marketing practices to client effectiveness and revenue expectations.

DCD offers services which are data driven and buyer focused.

The services of DCD Agency are data driven. That means that the results are quantifiable and capable of being measured as to their effectiveness. All services are buyer focused in nature, meaning that they are responsive to client needs.

DCD Agency is capable of humanizing your digital marketing.

DCD takes its marketing efforts away from the theoretical and statistical and brings the efforts back to the people its clients strive to reach through use of video media to make the message visually accessible to business.

DCD Agency is able to map its video content to your ideal customer's buyer journey and customer buying cycle.

By being able to target its marketing efforts to your individual buyer needs, DCD is able to keep its finger on the pulse of your particular client needs in your specific market.

The marketing experts at DCD Agency will show you what the impact of video-centric marketing can do for your inbound marketing strategy.

By displaying effective video marketing campaigns, you will be able to immediately visualize the impact that video centric inbound marketing has on your marketing campaign. In its capacity as Atlanta's premiere marketing source for video centric inbound marketing, DCD Agency, uses its experience and capabilities to specialize in Atlanta Video Production, Inbound Marketing, and Video Content Marketing. As an Atlanta, Georgia based marketing solutions company, DCD utilizes the latest technology to stay current, connected and competitive with the latest effective marketing trends. This allows DCD to propel your company to the top of your particular market segment through employing its video-centric inbound marketing efforts to enhance your marketing campaign throughout your industry.

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About DCD Agency:

At DCD, we believe it's time for a different approach. We believe that people deserve to hear your story. We help companies remain visible in a world where attention is becoming scarce. We do this by creating strategies that put your business in front of your ideal clients. Eloquently delivering your story, how they want to see it, where they are looking for it and when they are wanting to buy. Thats why Fortune 500 companies, corporations and businesses just like yours have turned to us as an extension of their company. If your business isn't growing like you want it to, the question isn't what are you going to do about it, the question is when. DCD Agency is a video inbound marketing agency in Atlanta. We produce creative and lead generating content as a leading video production company and marketing agency.

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