Paul Tovey offers his SEO consultancy services

United Kingdom, 15th May 2014: Businesses have gone online and most of the operations are highly dependent on technology. IT and websites play a critical role for ensuring that businesses are running in the manner desired. It is therefore very important that people take the services of experienced professionals to take care of the respective needs. In order to cater to all these requirements Paul Tovey has come up SEO consultant London for UK SEO and services for people across the globe.

He has a rich experience in Search Engine Optimization, PC repair, IT support services as well as We Designing. Working as a freelance search engine expert he is well versed with the applicable norms to get best results for the website. He focuses on providing ranking based services on all the popular search engines. It could be small business SEO or may be individual customers; his services are available to all. It has been almost 6 years since he has been catering to these needs and extends his support as affordable SEO services. He believes that he is not a business and only a freelancer which is why he does not start with huge charges from the customers.

He works from the comfort of his home but ensures that the services are of the same quality as any other SEO UK company. It has been his eagerness to know more about IT and related elements that have made him more versed with possible options and solutions for various kinds of services he has on offer. People can check his website and know more about the services he has on offer. Moreover, the site also lists down packages and prices for different kinds of SEO services. However, people can get directly in touch with him and know more about customized packages for their specific services.

For those who are interested in working as a reseller for his services can also enroll for the program from his website. As per this individuals or companies are free to charge anything which they might want to and the entire work would be carried by Paul himself. He also provides detailed reports on completion of projects which gives the customers detailed information of what has been done for his website. In case there are any queries people can check the website and get answers to most of them. However, they are also free to get in touch with him directly and get answers to the specific queries which they may have. He also features his blog with updates which helps customers know about the recent changes as well as things from the world of SEO.

About Freelance SEO:

Freelance SEO is the website of Paul Tovey who works as a freelance consultant and offers his services in the field of SEO, IT, and many more from the world of technology. He has been a part of this industry for over 6 years.