Quick on-demand remote support for mobile devices: ISL Online releases an improved remote desktop app for Android

ISL Online, one of the best enterprise clientless remote support software providers, has released a new version of the remote desktop app for Android, ISL Light 2.1. Available on Google Play, the app lets you securely control a remote computer, while it also enables mobile supporters to take control of just about any Android device from their computer or easily view the remote mobile display through screenshots. The updated remote desktop app includes native support for x86 Android mobile devices.

The latest ISL Light 2.1.0, once limited only to selected Samsung devices, now allows real-time remote control of all Android devices if a user has root permissions. Fixing mobile devices in minutes and maintaining them through time-saving remote access has positive effects on businesses on all levels. It not only keeps mobile devices to function smoothly throughout the day thus keeping their users productive, but it also solves the ever-growing need for quick on-demand remote support of smartphones and tablets critical for BYOD based businesses.

View and control a remote Android device

The ISL Light Remote Desktop app is free and available on Google Play. To be able to receive tech support, the client downloads the ISL Light app from Google Play and opens it. Then he/she types in a session code provided by the supporter to immediately connect to a remote control session. When the client accepts a remote desktop sharing request, the supporter gains full control of the mobile device and can troubleshoot it remotely.

In most support situations, it usually suffices just to have a possibility to view the image on the remote display in order to resolve the issue and avoid possibly frustrating phone conversations. ISL Light thus includes easy screenshot sending, which works on all Android devices. When in a support session, the client can make a normal screenshot of the problem (by pressing Volume Down + Power Off on most devices) with the screenshot automatically appearing on the supporter’s computer.

Access and control a remote computer from an Android device
The latest app continues to provide excellent remote access from Android mobile devices to remote computers. It empowers users to easily connect to any remote computer (Win, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Win Mobile) from their mobile device.A user can either offer remote support to a client having technical problems with a computer, or remotely access an unlimited number of unattended computers to monitor them, install updates, perform a periodical check-up and other maintenance tasks.

More information on ISL Light 2.1

A complete list of improvements and full release information is available at the developer’s official website -

Users can download ISL Light Remote Desktop app from Google Play for free.  

Watch a short video about how how the remote desktop app for Android works.