What should be the main advantages of the mercury rotating electrical connectors?

China - The sales volume of the slip ring of AOOD TECHNOLOGY LIMITED had great breakthrough at last month. With this excellent climate, they has already promoted some newly design liquid slip ring product. This should be good news for each purchaser for their products.

As the introduction of editor of AOOD TECHNOLOGY official website , the mercury rotating electrical connectors which is also known as the mercury slip is one sort of conductive rotary joint applies the mercury as the fluid medium. It should be crucial industrial parts which have already applied into many industrial areas. The biggest difference between the mercury slip rings and normal slip ring should be that the mercury slip ring and direct makes use of mercury to the finish the conductive transferring.

There are many advantages of the fiber optic hybrid slip rings . First, Compared to other slip ring, the mercury slip ring has compact structure and small size since the medium of this product is fluid. This characteristic could help people apply this product into the tiny precision instruments.

Second, the liquid metal medium lead to that there is no complicated mechanical structure into the inner space of the mercury slip rings. Furthermore, it could let the performance of this produce become more stable and the maintenance for this product will be easier.

Thirdly, the mercury slip ring has other advantages such as non-noise, high operation speed, low price, good signals without distortion, low contact resistance and large passing current. All of these strong point promote this product become the first choice for each consumer.

It is because of the characteristics of mercury. There will be no wear and tear (actually, the wear and tear is very low) in the operation process of this device. So, the service life of this device will be much longer than the average life of the normal slip rings. If the working condition has the requirements of frequent rotation, this product should be the most appropriate choice.

In summary, it is precisely because of these characteristics and advantages above. The rotating electrical connectors are very attractive and competitive in the slip ring market. Although the price is a little bit higher than the traditional slip ring, more and more client wants to purchase this product. That is the main reason why their sales volume for mercury slip rings had great breakthrough at last month.

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