It’s been about 7 to 8 years post its official release, and the electronic cigarette is now finally under the limelight as a probable aid to diminish the overall habit of smoking in general, albeit constant surveys and a host of other forms of speculation are still under way. Consisting of an atomizer and a cartridge that fulfils the role of a ‘reservoir’ for the product’s vaporizing solution (as of late, this is also known as a ‘cartomizer’, since both these components which constitute electronic cigarettes are now fused as one).

Along with an LED light which flashes upon each inhalation and a battery to supply power for all paraphernalia to get to work, electronic fags presently seem to be substantially hassle-free, apart from routine battery and cartomizer replacements.

What’s more, when it comes to the electronic cigarette UK and most major townships in Europe have now initiated a ‘vaping community’ which, in deeper conceptualization emphasises on the relative perks of this smoking gadget, thereby portraying it as a safer alternative to traditionally rolled tobacco fags and sometimes – even as an enjoyable past time.

In prompt consideration to these electronically handheld smoking devices, what makes these e cigarettes gain mutual popularity amongst smokers from every corner of our planet? As elaborated herewith in this article, these following benefits have bountifully made all the difference in entitling e cigs as the epitome in nicotine cravings! Feel free to read on and know more!

What are the obvious advantages of e cigs that outweigh the properties of the conventional tobacco roll?

1) E cigs don’t emanate pungent puffs of smoke.

When puffs from a traditional roll are taken, the process of combustion tends to occur with elements such as tar in conjunction to the tobacco itself, hence producing that distinctive odour which is swiftly apt to settle in furniture, clothing and even our hair!

With the exclusive case scenarios of e cigs, this isn’t so at all for nothing burns in the very first place; following inhalation, a wick is heated which in turn vaporizes the e liquid in its cartridge, therefore emanating a little steam that is known to mildly resemble the fragrance of candy floss!

2) E cigs are known to contain significantly lesser contaminants than its traditional tobacco cousin.

Albeit not completely void of toxicities such as nicotine, research on e cigs have been known to present statistics of varied substances on lesser levels both in terms of the total number of contaminants present and the quantities of each, in comparison to ordinarily rolled tobacco fags.

3) Depending on one’s smoking requirements and habits, e cigs could substantially be more feasible in the long run.

While you may need to contribute a tad more to its initial cost of purchase and ownership, e cigs can then be maintained on a budget-friendly basis for the purpose of replacing batteries or cartomizers – thereby leading to a lot of savings in the long run unlike traditional cigarettes.