Investigation Report on China Olmesartan Market, 2009-2018

Reportstack has announced a new market research publication on Investigation Report on China Olmesartan Market, 2009-2018. According to statistics from WHO, one-third of the world's adults have high blood pressure. Death toll of this disease equals to half of the total number caused by stroke and heart attack.
Angiotensin II receptor antagonist (ABR) is an important product among various antihypertensive drugs. Developed by Sankyo and Forest Laboratories, olmesartan medoxomil was approved to the U.S.A. in April 2002 with the trade name "Benicar" and was approved to Europe in October 2002. In July 2006, it was launched in Chinese market. Olmesartan can take effect very soon with low dosage, and it has strong and lasting antihypertensive effect with few adverse reactions, especially dry cough. Also because of its excellent performance worldwide, many Chinese manufacturers applied to produce the generic drug. However, this behavior caused the noted "composition patent" olmesartan patent infringement case in 2006, resulting in the "Bolar Exception" in Chinese patent system. Although Beijing Winsunny Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. won the trial and was approved to produce the genetic drug in 2007, they violates Sankyo's patent every time they produce or sell the product. For Beijing Winsunny Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., it has won the trial but not the market. Competition pattern of olmesartan medoxomil manufacturers from Menet indicates that olmesartan medoxomil produced by Beijing Winsunny Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. could not go on the market until patent ZL.97126347.7 expired in 2011. As a result, market share of Beijing Winsunny Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is extremely low.
Statistics shows that there are more than 260 million hypertensive patients in China. According to investigation, over CNY 40 billion is annually spent on hypertension treatment. Market size of hypertensive prescription drugs exceeded CNY 20 billion in 2013 which indicates huge growth potential.
The CAGR of sales value of olmesartan in Chinese sample hospital market was more than 140% from 2007 to 2010. Based on the sales revenue, most market share is occupied by Shanghai Sankyo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (founded in November 1999 by Sankyo Co., Ltd. and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Development Co., Ltd.) while other market share is seized by generic drugs from Chinese manufacturers such as Beijing Winsunny Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Because of improving living standard and changing lifestyle, incidence of hypertension is estimated to grow in the next few years. As Chinese people's incomes increase, the affordability of antihypertensive drugs increases. Estimation shows that the market size of olmesartan in China will keep increasing in the next few years.

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-Propsepct of China Olmesartan Market

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