How to Perform a Winter Roof Inspection the Easy Way

During the winter, many homeowners put off the important task of inspecting their roof for damage. While icy conditions and storms might make the idea of climbing a ladder out of the question, many people don’t know that there are safer ways to perform the recommended twice-yearly roof inspection. One solution to a winter roof check is to stand outside with binoculars and look for things like damaged gutters or broken shingles. If the weather outside is too cold, another solution is to inspect the attic.

Because most attic spaces are located directly below the roof, homeowners can find clues in them that signify roof damage without the risk of falling. During heavy rains, it’s a good idea to have a look inside the attic to check for obvious leaks, condensation or water stains. Signs of structural problems on the roof can also be checked for on any day. If an attic ceiling appears to sag, there is probably roof damage that needs to be fixed by a professional.

While inspecting the attic for signs of roof damage, homeowners may also discover potential problems by looking for traces left by animal inhabitants. Gnawed wood, nests and animal dropping are all obvious signs that critters are finding their way in through a broken spot on the roof. In addition to pointing out structural damage, these unwanted pests could be the cause of it. A pest professional should be immediately notified if there are any signs of animal residency in the attic.


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