Stock Market Picks: Three Tips to Strike out Unprofitable Stocks

There are many stock investors who think that buying software applications and reading lots of literature help in making profit from investing in stocks. When it comes to finding the best stock market picks, these software programs prove to be completely useless. This is because these applications fetch the data from the server owned and maintained by a stock trading firm and do not provide real insights of the market. New investors often get confused because of overflow of statistical data and they cannot choose the right stocks. There are many who give up and keep cursing the entire idea of investing in stock market. People, who are quite optimistic about making money with stock trading, often end up in despair as they cannot find the right stocks to invest. If you are also about to start your investment career and you are worried about finding the right stock picks, you need to do some research and find the insider secrets.

In order to avoid wasting of time and money, you should subscribe to the newsletters of an experienced stock market trader and prepare a watch list of stocks. Here below are few tips on how to score the bad stocks that can only cause you loss.

Filter stocks by price

To choose the best stock market picks, you should start with setting a price bucket. For example, if you set a price bucket of $10 to $100, you can easily eliminate all the stocks that are priced lower or higher your preset price range. You can think about consulting a stock market investment expert about setting a price bucket. Just bear in mind that you should fix a bracket depending on how much risk you are willing to take.

Filter stocks by volume

There are some stock trading experts who advise investors to trade with high liquidity. You can choose a stock of more than 10,000 daily share volume and by setting this limit, you can eliminate stocks that fall below the per day 10,000 share volume.

Pick stocks after reading insider reports

Insider trading reports are based on the data provided by and assumptions of top market leaders who represent different big corporations. These insiders have access to non-public information and they can forecast about the market more accurately than the average investors. If you can read these reports regularly, it would be easier for you to take decisions.

Some quick tips before you invest

Before you finally invest in the best stock market picks, do not forget to check out these insider tips and tricks.

• Insiders buy more, sell less: If you study the market trends thoroughly, you will see that the insiders are more interested in buying rather than selling stocks.
• Who is the insider: If you are using insider tips for investing in stocks, you need to review the position and influence of that investor. Not all investors have access to actionable data.
• Historical data: It is important to check out historical data before you invest.
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