Female-Led Tech Startup Gives-Up Their Gadgets in New Dramedy Web Series “NEXT”


San Francisco, CA (February 25, 2015) – A female-led Silicon Valley startup gives up their gadgets and challenges traditional techie culture in the new workplace dramedy web series, NEXT, premiering March 10th on YouTube.

NEXT chronicles what happens as the male-dominated tech world gets an injection of female leadership. When the complex environment proves ultra-competitive for CONNEXT, a new tech startup led by a team of women, they embark on a corporate retreat to regroup and refocus without their ‘tech’. After giving up all of their smart phones, tablets, and laptops, the apprehensive group must learn how to survive when left to their own devices. They quickly discover the absence of their gadgets is only the beginning of their problems.

The original five-episode scripted series was developed by Monday Afternoon Productions and stars Taylor Brock, Anne Hallinan and Lisa-Marie Newton, who also created and produced the project. Writer/Director Serena Shulman, with LipShtick Pictures, developed the initial concept for the series based on her own experiences in the tech world, and led the creative execution.

Brock hopes the series will help take some of the ‘nerd’ stigma out of an industry lacking in female participation. The Department of Commerce recently reported women fill about 50 percent of all jobs in the U.S. economy, but actually hold less than 25 percent of STEM positions (science, technology, engineering and math). Brock explains, “The world is ever more dependent on technology and needs the contributions of all great minds. For many reasons, girls are subtly directed away from technology, by perceptions that it is a more masculine field and societal pressures which reinforce this stereotype.”

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