Types of vehicle recovery Newcastle

A car problem could stop travellers from enjoying their vacation, make businessmen lose flights, or force employees to be late for work. Thankfully, such problems can be avoided by having a constant relationship with a company offering vehicle recovery services.

Whether it is about a mechanical issue, fuel delivery or a flat tire, drivers who have remained stranded can call a roadside assistance company that will provide them with anything that is needed to get them back on the road.

The most common form of breakdown recovery is represented by towing. This service can be required if the car does not want to start and the only thing that could make it work again is its towing to the nearest auto service.

Modern towing equipment is sophisticated and designed for any type of vehicle and for any problem the vehicle might have. Examples of popular towing methods include soft towing, rigid towing, lift towing and total towing.

Soft towing is a type of vehicle recovery used for very short distances. Generally, the towed vehicle has serious mechanical issues and the only solution is to transport it to a very close auto service, by attaching it to the towing vehicle through a chain or rope.

Although people believe this is illegal, soft towing is legal for very short distances and only when the towed vehicle has a working braking system. In this case, both the towed and towing vehicles must respect the existing laws in terms of lighting and speed.

Another form of vehicle recovery Newcastle or breakdown recovery Newcastle is the rigid towing, represented by the attachment of a metal bar to the towed vehicle, which, in most cases, is a commercial vehicle. Commercial vehicles can be towed like this because they have a towing eye at the front.

The most popular type of vehicle recovery Newcastle or breakdown recovery Newcastle is the lift towing, also used for short distances. The towed vehicle is raised to a truck by a lifting grid. There should be noted that, in this case, the rear wheels still have contact with the road.

For long distances, the preferred form of vehicle recovery is the one that raises the problematic vehicle to the platform of a truck. This method is used to transport seriously damaged vehicles or move illegally parked vehicles.

Fuel delivery is another service provided by vehicle recovery companies. When drivers run out of gas, roadside assistance brings the amount of fuel that is necessary to them to allow them to get to the nearest gas station.

Flat tire is also among the most common problems a driver could encounter and this, too, can be solved by contacting a vehicle recovery company. When a tire goes flat, roadside assistance replaces it with a spare tire. Before hitting the road, make sure you do have a spare tire, because recovery companies do not have tires to match any existing car.

If the battery is malfunctional or completely dead, a vehicle recovery professional comes to jumpstart the vehicle. To avoid battery drainage, do not let your lights or radio on for too long, when the engine does not operate.

Finally, roadside assistance specialists can be called for lockout services. Drivers who forget their car keys inside the car have to call for professional locksmithing services that would help them get back in their car.

Do not panic if you have a problem with your car. Whether it is about a flat tire, dead battery, car keys forgotten inside of the car, fuel delivery or towing, contact us. We provide professional breakdown recovery Newcastle and vehicle recovery Newcastle to commercial users and the general public.