Market Research Forecasts of Global Luxury Goods Retailing, 2014-2019

​Global Luxury Goods Retailing, 2014-2019 ; Market and Category Expenditure and Forecasts, Trends, and Competitive Landscape is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. Global luxury retail sales are expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.4% during the forecast period, slightly less than the growth experienced during the historic period. The economic slowdown, anti-corruption measures on gift giving, and Yuan devaluation in China have slowed the growth of Chinese spending on luxury goods. In addition, the geopolitical concerns in Russia and Ukraine, political protests in Hong Kong, restriction on multiple entry visa policy to Hong Kong for Chinese consumers from Shenzhen, slowdown in Brazil, and the economic crisis in Greece are all taking a toll. As a result, luxury retailers are focusing on mature market such as the US and Japan.

Key Findings
- Europe will remain the largest region, despite being the slowest growing region globally

- The 10 largest luxury goods market accounted for over 80% of global sales in 2014

- The UK luxury goods market will surpass France and Italy by 2019

- Peru will be the fastest growing country for luxury goods globally

- Clothing is the largest category, followed by jewelry, watches, and accessories

- Globally governments are amending visa policies to attract Chinese tourists. The double digit growth of Chinese outbound trips is over, but consumers will continue to spend on trips, though at a slower pace

- The expansion of luxury retail infrastructure is helping luxury brands to enter and expand in developing countries

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The “Global Luxury Goods ​Retailing, 2014-2019" report provides a comprehensive view of the global luxury goods retail landscape.

It includes:

- Current market sizes and forecasts to 2019 of global, region and categories; covers 12 categories - clothing, jewelry, watches and accessories, drinks, personal care, home furniture and homewares, luggage and leather goods, footwear, communications equipment, tobacco, stationery, consumer electronics and others

- Market size forecasts for top 10 countries globally and for each category;

- Top 10 fastest growing countries globally and for each category;

- Data of top three largest and fastest growing categories per region and share of luxury goods in total retail sales by category

- Market share, store count and latest developments of major luxury brands, mergers and acquisitions and luxury goods market trends

- Analysis of LVMH product portfolio expansion and growth strategies

Reasons To Buy
- Get accurate and reliable luxury retail sales data for 2014 and forecasts to 2019 to identify the largest and fastest-growing markets and to discover profitable markets for expansion/entry

- Explore an in-depth analysis of luxury retail sales data by category to analyze current and future growth prospects and develop strategies for the categories and countries that you are interested in

- Learn from luxury retail market trends to define your strategies based on the needs of consumers and the luxury retail landscape in the region

- Gain information on all major mergers and acquisitions of luxury brands to understand the luxury market space and acquisition strategies of competitors

Companies Mentioned

Armani Burberry Brunello Cucinelli Coach Dolce and Gabbana Ermenegildo Zegna Hermès Kate Spade Kering LVMH Michael Kors Mulberry Prada Ralph Lauren Richemont Salvatore Ferragamo Tiffany TOD's


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