Lander Area Pathway System

Lander Area Pathway System
Founded in the early 1990s by an advisory committee to Lander Parks and Recreation

How does the Lander Area Pathway System (LAPS) serve Lander? The Lander Area Pathway System serves Lander by advocating for, planning, improving, and developing pathways that improve the walkability and connectivity of the community. LAPS seeks to provide safe and enjoyable pathways for non-motorized modes of transportation that offer the public recreational options and commuting alternatives. These pathways provide safe access to various points in the community, facilitate diversification of transportation modes, and enhance Lander’s recreational and leisure activities, such as walking, biking, skating, and running.

How will your Challenge for Charities donation to LAPS make a difference in Lander this year? This year’s Challenge for Charities funds will go toward creating a safer crossing of Highway 789 away from the currently congested intersection. This crossing will be located between downtown Lander and the Dillon Addition/Holy Rosary Catholic Church area and will provide convenient access to other nearby pathways. LAPS will also be creating additional trails and installing enhancements to the Barney Park walkway.

How else can you help LAPS? LAPS offers opportunities for individual and group community service projects. Recently, an Eagle Scout completed the Luckey Pond trail for access between the Life Resource Center and Luckey Pond. As well, LAPS welcomes volunteers for a pathways cleanup event in the fall. Lander locals identified pathway development as a top priority in the 2012 Lander Master Plan. LAPS encourages citizens to continue to advocate the importance of pathway development by speaking to our elected officials.

What else? Funds from the 2013 Challenge for Charities almost entirely paid for the purchase of an easement for the trail between the Life Resource Center and Luckey Pond. Residents and employees of LRC, as well as the general public, will use this trail on a daily basis.

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Challenge for Charities is a community fundraiser benefiting 35 nonprofits from May 1 - July 11, 2014.
The event also sponsors the July 4th Lander Half Marathon and 5 K run/walk and a 1-mile youth mad dash.
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