Citizen Spirits Talk about the Story behind Denizen Rum

United States – 9th July, 2014 – The world of gourmet liquors has taken a new turn ever since Denizen Rum has hit the market. The brand and its unique flavours have created a cult following for itself amongst people who appreciate good rum drinks and cocktails. If you too are one of Denizen’s fans, you will surely love to know a little bit more about the spirit. The owner of the brand – Citizen Spirits has talked about the story behind Denizen Rum and what exactly makes it a drink fit for the elite! Visit to know more!

When it comes to Caribbean Rums, Denizen has carved its own niche in the world of dark rum lovers. Owned and developed by Citizen Spirits, this spirit has been crafted for the new age cocktail, combining age old distilling traditions and a modern scientific approach. Try it out to discover how good rum drinks are made.

“There’s a quiet street side in Amsterdam. There’s not a lot of traffic and nothing particularly exceptional to set it apart. But there we found some of the last practitioners of alchemy in the world. They take relatively common ingredients and turn it into something truly remarkable. They’re master blenders of rum and they’ve done it since the 1700s, when the bounty of Caribbean crossed the trade routes in the creaking sailing vessels, returning to the old world. We challenged those master blenders to free the flavour that has been distilled out of rum by mass producers who have been intent on dumbing down one of the world’s greatest spirits.” explains the owner of Citizen Spirits LLC and the website

When it comes to good rum drinks, Denizen brings a flavour and aroma that befits its tagline – “A rum for the liberated spirit”. It truly stands out of the crowd.

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About The Company

Denizen is an award winning line of blended Caribbean rums crafted for the new age of rum Mixology. Their products include Denizen aged white rum and Denizen Merchant’s reserve. The brand, owned by the Citizen Spirits LLC. also owns and maintains an interesting website where you can find all the information you need about the brand along with many intoxicating recipes for dark rum cocktails.

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Citizen Spirits LLC.

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