Magento Website Ecommerce Designers and Developers in San Diego

Magento is an open source ecommerce platform that enables highly feature rich state of the arts, functionality, scalable and flexible content management system to ecommerce websites. It is based on the Zend PHP Framework. Magento has three different editions, Magento Community Edition, Magento Go and Magento Enterprise. Magento retains all the advantages of the designed flexibility in its all editions. It is a perfect fit for both small and large enterprises with complicated ecommerce needs. Magento’s features give ecommerce administrators full control over the site and allow control over multiple stores from just one admin panel. The admin panel supports multiple levels of permissions and integrates seamlessly with third-party apps through APIs.

Magento ecommerce web design is flexible and allows for greater flexibility in marketing capabilities not seen in any other ecommerce platform. Each page can have interactive features and many up-sell opportunities like recently viewed items, compared items, pictures with zoom feature, product suggestions, and share opportunities in social media. Magento integrates with Google Analytics and provides detailed reports and data. It also offer details on abandoned shopping carts, customer behavior, most viewed products, wishlists, coupon usage and more. Magento eCommerce websites are also responsible for SEO (search engine optimization) site wide. Magento makes sure that the ecommerce site is search friendly on each level, from Meta to sitemaps and re-writable URLs.

The main advantages that Magento brings to an ecommerce site are the following:

  • Open source software that is customizable and integrates with third-party apps and modules
  • Extensive marketing capabilities
  • Enhanced conversion rates
  • Integration of Google Analytics to provide detailed reports
  • Real time reports of RSS feeds, tags and reviews
  • Support of many payment gateways like CRMs, ESPs and ERPs
  • Achieves high scalability
  • Integrates multiple marketing channels and ad networks such as Google Product listings, analytics and marketplaces
  • Incorporates marketing and catalogue management

PROS is one such internet marketing company that has the best Magento ecommerce developers & designers in San Diego. PROS has delivered successful Magento ecommerce solutions like Magento Development, Magento Installation, Magento Design, Application Hosting and Modules, Marketing, SEO, Adwords and SEM, Extensions, Search technologies, Product Inventory, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Configuration and Magento Editions like Magento Go, Community and Enterprise.

We make it possible to switch from any ecommerce platform like Shopify, Microsoft, Volusion, Miva, Netsuite or others to Magento. We offer to take care of the following aspects of Magento:

  • Planning strategies to boost your business
  • Key Performance Indicators KPIs and Conversions
  • Researching customer behavior and target traffic
  • Incorporating multiple languages like Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese to reach more audience
  • Prototype and custom development
  • Customer Loyalty programs and rewards
  • Integration with top shipping services like USPS and FedEx
  • Development of mobile apps
  • Open source CMS integration
  • Bulk inventory uploading flexibility
  • Customized payment modules like Paypal, and Credit cards
  • Product List Integration in Google, Shopzilla and Amazon

PROS offers new and innovative technologies to provide an ideal Magento experience to all its clients. We have worked in many countries including USA, Canada, India, Mexico, Brazil and in Europe. We have offered our expert services to top clothing brands, shoe brands, sports good retail stores, cosmetic and skin care, packaged food companies, stationary and office supplies, tech and law firms, gyms, and more. We have helped create well-oiled and easily manageable ecommerce sites with more user-friendly features. Some of our clients include Intuit, Nike, Turbo Tax, FootSmart, H&R Block, Staples, Tria Beauty, and Vistaprint. For further information, check out our website or call on 619.567.9322 or sign up for a free consultation at 619.567.WEB2.