Pialba Dental Studio Strengthens Preventive Dentistry Services

Pialba Dental Studio, a trusted dental clinic in Hervey Bay, QLD, strengthens their preventive dentistry services. Dental patients needing such can schedule an appointment with the clinic for reliable services at low prices.

[Hervey Bay, QLD, June 19, 2014] –Pialba Dental Studio, one of Hervey Bay, Queensland’s most trusted dental practices, strengthens their preventive dentistry services. Patients looking for professional preventive dentistry and oral hygiene services can consult with the clinic for reliable services and treatments at low prices.

Good oral hygiene starts with a good oral care regimen and regular, reliable preventive dentistry treatments. This kind of dentistry helps individuals have and keep a healthy mouth using modern and basic technologies. This is where Pialba Dental Studio can lend their help and expertise.

Preventative Dentistry Services

Pialba Dental Studio offers a range of cosmetic and general dentistry services and treatments, including several preventive dentistry services. This helps patients save money on dental care, as practicing preventive oral care can keep them from paying for unnecessary dental costs in the future. Their services help patients keep their teeth, which mean less dental treatments in the future.

The clinic’s practice emphasises the importance of regular and ongoing oral hygiene procedures to help prevent plaque build-up, tooth decay, and other dental diseases. The clinic’s effective preventive dentistry services give patients better chances of keeping their teeth for life. Their services combine both at-home and in-clinic oral care treatments and counselling.


Effective Oral Care Strategies

Pialba Dental Studio’s preventive oral care services are suitable for children and adults. It involves a number of in-clinic and home care treatments and routines, including: at-home oral hygiene regimen, fluoride use, proper diet, regular dental check-ups, teeth cleaning and screening, x-rays, mouth guards, orthodontics, and patient education.

The clinic’s dentists and hygienists work with patients to help prevent the need for future treatments, as well as to help avoid restorative treatments such as fillings and extractions. Their dental team may recommend a program of minor treatments (mostly check-ups and cleanings) to get the patient’s mouth in good condition. After that, the clinic will also provide a ‘maintenance plan’ to help keep the teeth clean and maintained for a long time.

The dental professionals of Pialba Dental Clinic strive to give patients the best value for their money and to prevent future teeth problems.


About Pialba Dental Studio

Pialba Dental Studio is a trusted dental practice based in the Queensland suburb of Hervey Bay. They offer a range of quality reconstructive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services all offered at cost-effective rates. The clinic’s head dentist has been in the industry for almost 30 years, and has been serving patients using the latest advancements in dental technology. The clinic has a team of dedicated dental professionals and staffs who all strive to provide a comfortable, safe dental experience for everyone.

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