Specialist Cosmetic Surgery Offers Otoplasty

Specialist Cosmetic Surgery, one of the leading cosmetic surgery centres in Sydney, Newcastle, and Maitland, offers comprehensive ear reshaping procedure or otoplasty. This is the company’s solution to help patients with problematic ear structures.

[SYDNEY, 5/13/2014]—Specialist Cosmetic Surgery, one of the leading cosmetic surgery centres in Australia, with locations in Sydney, Newcastle, and Maitland, offers otoplasty, or ear reshaping procedure. This is part of the company’s line-up of comprehensive surgical and non-surgical procedures that aim to help patients increase self-confidence and feel good about themselves.

The Procedure

Otoplasty refers to reshaping the ears through a surgical procedure. This is commonly the go-to solution for people with protruding or unattractive nears. Otoplasty addresses some of the most common problems, which include lop ear deformity or the absence of a fold that makes the ear bend forward and outward, and cup ear deformity, or the overgrowth of the central portion of the ear close to the canal.

People who suffer from cases other than the above mentioned can also benefit from the procedure. Dr. Bernard Beldholm, one of the clinic’s resident surgeons, says that children with ear abnormalities may also undergo the procedure. He notes, however, that parents should be sensitive to their children’s feelings about themselves and don’t insist on the procedure until the children agree to it.

Dr. Beldholm prefers the suture technique when it comes to dealing with cases. The said technique produces a smooth result and helps the surgeon set the ear to the preferred position. Dr. Beldholm reminds that there are risks that come with otoplasty, and these increase when a patient has heart and lung problems, clots, and allergic reactions to medicines.

About Specialist Cosmetic Surgery

Specialist Cosmetic Surgery is a collective of skilled and highly qualified team of doctors, nurses, dermal therapists, and anaesthetists. They provide surgical and non-surgical procedures that use the latest techniques and technologies. Among the treatments they offer include liposuction, breast augmentation, acne treatment, and minimal scar or vertical scar breast reduction.The centre is led by Dr. Bernard Beldholm, a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Beldholm is a seasoned specialist surgeon dedicated to cosmetic surgery. Other procedures offered at Dr. Beldholm’s clinic include labiaplasty, skin tightening, dermal fillers, abdominoplasty, neck lifts and more.

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