JobLogic Strengthens Job Handling Solutions for Service Companies

JobLogic enhances their all-in-one software solution to make service companies run more efficiently. The company talks about their motivation for boosting this integrated system and other services.

[BIRMINGHAM, June 26, 2014] – JobLogic, the leader in service management software solutions in the UK enhances their smart program for handling complex processes to help service companies utilise a single system for their operations. Instead of relying on different IT solutions, clients can access real-time information about jobs or scheduled visits and stay connected with field engineers at all times. This software is designed to make tasks simpler by allowing the service desk to handle the hard work with relative ease.


All-in-One Software with Impressive Features

JobLogic understands that juggling several systems is not the optimum solution for streamlining the workflow of service companies. They explain that the conventional way of keeping paper documents in file cabinets has become outdated for modern businesses. The company adds that integrating IT solutions is not enough either. Businesses should invest in a technology that would require less time to get the information they need and manage all of their processes using a single innovative program.

The Birmingham based company offers an answer to this need. After spending more than 16 years in the design, development and implementation of software solutions for UK businesses, JobLogic is confident that their solution has all the features to meet the unique needs of service companies today. From massive customer databases and purchase order control capabilities to comprehensive stock monitoring and electronic form viewing, the program can cover all client requirements.


Exceptional Support and Training

JobLogic delivers comprehensive training to maximise the functionality of the software and prompt support to eliminate all the trouble clients may face along the way. The training session covers every aspect of the program to equip client employees with sound knowledge of the software. The company adds that their support team which is committed to assisting clients every step of the way is adept at resolving any problem.

JobLogic provides free software demonstration to clients to give them a preview of the program’s great benefits.


About JobLogic

JobLogic is a premier IT solutions provider for service companies located in the UK. The company offers a range of cutting edge programs to modernise operations and help businesses achieve fast ROI.

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