Air Duct Cleaning Santa Monica Services Now More Affordable Than Ever

Mike Ductworks, a professional and trustworthy company has launched recently huge deal event.

All of their services are 15% off and customers may now save a lot of money on services that they really need.

These Santa Monica air duct cleaning experts provide the top quality services, they know exactly what they customers need to be happy. 

Services that are offered by Mike Ductworks include:

  • dryer vent cleaning service
  • attic cleaning service
  • insulation replacement service
  • air duct cleaning service
  • HVAC duct repair and more 

Mike Ductworks Team provide services throughout Santa Monica area since 2001. They are very highly skilled and well trained specialists that now offer really reasonable prices on all of their services. 

To learn more about their business please contact them directly at (310) 626-1556, please visit their website or check out their office at 3435 Ocean Park Blvd. #107 Santa Monica, CA 90405.