Father’s Day Vs. Mother’s Day- Spending Takes Place Early But Retailers Do Not See Big Returns


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Father’s Day Vs. Mother’s Day- Spending Takes Place Early But Retailers Do Not See Big Returns

ATLANTA, June xx, 2016- Father’s Day is quickly approaching but according to a new analysis by purchase-based intelligence platform Cardlytics, it appears Moms are not procrastinating when it comes to buying a gift for Dad’s big day.  

Key Points:

  • Purchasers spend less for dad

  • Father’s Day generates half the incremental spend of Mother’s Day

  • Purchasers shop earlier for Father’s Day than Mother’s Day

How is the Father’s Day budget being spent?

  • Watch dealers see a 23% sales grown during the Father’s Day buying period with sporting goods coming in second.

  • More electronics are being purchased online.

  • Family meals at full-service restaurants and movie tickets are a common choice for celebrating Dad.


Cardlytics analyzes purchase data sourced through partnerships with more than 1,500 financial institutions. They have a secure view into where consumers are spending both in-store and online. The analysis looked at consumer spending during the five weeks surrounding Mother’s Day and Father’s Day from 2013-2015 focusing on the two weeks prior to Mother’s Day in 2015 and the two weeks leading up to Father’s Day in 2015.

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Cardlytics® is a purchase intelligence platform that makes all marketing more relevant and measurable. Our patented technology measures and connects trillions in purchases to millions of consumers. We partner with major financial institutions, including Bank of America, Lloyds Banking Group and FIS, to provide Card-Linked Loyalty programs, which deliver significant savings to customers and revenue to banks, securely and without any personally identifiable information ever leaving the bank.