Electronic Forms Moving to Head of the Class

Electronic forms aren’t just for businesses. Teachers can help make their lives and parents’ lives much easier with convenient forms that can be accessed, filled out, and signed from just about any electronic device. Using Google Apps for Education with frevvo, educators can save costs associated with paper and complete tedious bureaucratic tasks more quickly and with less hassle.

According to a recent Washington Times survey, teachers, on average, work about 53 hours per week. While the standard school day takes up much of that time, a huge chunk of time is also devoted to administrative tasks. By having quick access to all the forms and documentation they need for routine tasks, teachers can shave time off of bureaucratic drudgery, allowing them to better focus on their core task – shaping young minds.

Robust, Beautiful Forms

Google Apps for Education allows teachers to create spreadsheets, forms, and documents, and store them in the cloud, allowing teachers to access them anywhere. It includes Google Forms but these forms don’t always work well with the real-world needs of schools & colleges. Frevvo works with Google Apps for Education to help educators create electronic forms with practical applications to the school setting. Frevvo allows educators to create helpful and easily accessible forms that can collect responses in a Google spreadsheet.

Frevvo creates forms that are easy to read and easy for their recipients to fill out. Recipients of frevvo forms can fill them out online using a computer or mobile device. They can also use convenient e-signatures to sign and approve forms.

Another key benefit of using Google Apps for Education with frevvo is that frevvo can provide forms in multiple languages, yet provide the information to the school in English. As more U.S. school districts become multilingual, language translation capabilities become increasingly important to foster good communication between school and home.

Saving Paper, Money

Google Apps for Education and frevvo will ultimately save school districts money, as using electronic forms requires less paper, postage, and associated costs than traditional document printing and delivery. In an era of declining school budgets, the savings generated by going paperless can translate to increased support for other vital school functions.

With electronic forms and approval workflows, teachers’ lives get much easier, as they have an organized and easy-to-use system of getting important documents to and from teachers, administrators and parents. E-signature options make it easy to get parental consent or acknowledgement of various school activities.

As demands on teachers grow more rigorous, technology offers educators a way to meet the challenge without working themselves into an early grave. Electronic forms make organization and communication much easier for educators, allowing them to keep their attention focused on providing high-quality education.

Company Bio

Frevvo creates convenient, effective electronic form and workflow programs compatible with desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. With the ability to access, sign, and route important documents from anywhere, businesses and other organizations can greatly increase productivity and cut costs.