Cheyney Group Design and Development: Cheyney Group Associate Companies

Cheyney Design and Developments has four main associate companies involved in various related industries. They are the following:

France Scan, based in Beaujolais near Lyon, France, is a supplier of x-ray equipment to industries engaged in food and drug manufacturing. It is a member of the Sapphire Alliance group of x-ray system manufacturers. With strict guidelines for product quality and the elimination of impurities in food and drug products, France Scan equipment helps its clients satisfy government standards by removing foreign bodies such as glass bits, pebbles and various rubbish from these products as well as other nonconformities such as defects in filling, broken products and mass defects. France Scan, as a technological partner of its clients, assures its customers the highest quality performance of its equipment as well as pertinent services at the time they are needed.

This valuable technological tool helps to provide end-users with quality food and pharmaceutical products. The efficiency of utilizing high-tech tools to accomplish this quality-assurance process allows manufacturers to maintain a high standard of quality and sustain a high level of trust of their clients on their products.

Absolute Audio Visual Solutions, Ltd., based in Melbourn, South Cambridgeshire provides event management services and supplies and rents out audio visual equipment for corporate events in Cambridge and all over UK. Absolute Audio Visual Solutions provides excellent technical solutions with its long track record of up-to-date knowledge and experience in the industry.

For musicians, artists, stage performers and events organizers, having the best audio/visual equipment is a vital need. Live events have profited so much from the high-tech equipment being used today. Absolute Audio Visual Solutions has the right equipment and solution for various applications.

New Cambridge House business centre provides high-quality accommodation designed for office and research and development activities. The facilities can accommodate from two-person serviced office suites to as many people are required. It is located in Litlington, only 4 miles from Royston and 16 miles from Cambridge, with easy access to major road networks.

The building is surrounded by attractive landscaped grounds and provided with private in-and- out-access roads and 217 car parking lots. In the building’s mid-section is an imposing full-height glazed atrium. Amenities, such as air-conditioning, conference rooms, 8-person lift and café room, are also provided.

Sapphire Inspection Systems is the latest designer and manufacturer of end-of-line inspection systems for the Food and Pharmaceutical industries. The firm develops and produces x-ray inspection systems and distribute Metal Detectors and Check Weighers. With more than fifty man-years experience, Sapphire can provide experienced services which include installation, training and service contracts.

With these allied firms, Cheyney Design and Development covers a lot of area that allows it to provide good quality service to its many customers.