Classic Towing will Safely Get You Back on the Road

Naperville, Illinois – If you are in need of heavy duty or semi towing in Naperville, Classic Towing is your reliable company. Whether your car has been in an accident or cannot start, you can count on their professional technicians to make things right. Classic Towing has been providing their services for over 25 years, and they offer fast response time on most highways and interstates in Illinois. They have been successful with their traditional values that do not go out of style, and they go by great customer service, fair pricing, integrity, and professional workmanship. Their skills, expertise, and equipment to get any towing job done have been evident by their A+ ratings.


At Classic Towing, they are not limited to assisting heavy duty vehicles only. They can also aid both light duty and semi towing in Naperville. If a semi-truck, box truck, big-rig tractor trailer, or any other commercial vehicle in your fleet is disabled, your bottom line will be at risk. Being in the trucking industry, Classic Towing understands the importance of getting your vehicle to the repair center or back on the road as soon as possible, because it will be a great loss of time and money if it gets stuck. Their heavy duty wreckers and Landoll trailers will get your trucks back up and running again in the least possible time. They also provide long haul services if you are stuck in another state and need to get back to the Chicagoland area.


You can enjoy the latest towing and recovery service with their environmentally-friendly, green emission tow trucks. Their state-of-the-art tow trucks have low-center-of-gravity (LCG) beds that sit lower than the standard flatbed tow trucks. LCG beds have the proper incline that is required to hook and load vehicles with low ground clearance without causing any damage to the front and rear bumpers, exhaust pipes, and any other undercarriage items. To further ensure damage-free towing, their technicians will use a secure and soft nylon tie-down system so that your vehicle will not be stretched, strained, or scratched by the metal hooks or chains.


Their staff takes great pride in working hard to make the towing process as easy as possible. There have been several stories of unscrupulous and uninsured companies that engage in bait and switch tactics, promote false advertising, and have delivered damaged vehicles through their incompetent and unsafe services. This is the type of situation that you will never have to encounter with Classic Towing’s top rated, five-star towing services. They have operators with the proper equipment and the expertise to get the job done right.


Aside from towing services, Classic Towing also provides roadside assistance if you are in need of diesel deliveries, jump starts, winch-outs, pull starts, decking, un-decking, lock-outs, load-transfers, load-shifts, and basic mobile repair. Other heavy duty recovery services include roll-over recovery, low bridge recovery winching, and lifts. They provide their services for all kinds of vehicles including coupes, sedans, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, vans, buses, and more.


Classic Towing has been a trusted company contracted by several police departments, and they are very proud to have maintained a license to perform towing services on behalf of Naperville and Lisle Police Departments for more than two decades. This means that their tow operators, tow trucks, equipment, and techniques are inspected and sanctioned by these police personnel. They hope their customers never have to meet any of their representatives in the presence of a police officer, however, when in need of a non-police initiated towing service, you can be confident that their business is trusted and used by the police force of the second in four largest city in Illinois.


So when in need of roadside assistance, light duty towing, or semi towing in Naperville, Classic Towing can safely get you back on the road or transport your vehicle to its destination on time and at a reasonable price. If you have a Mercedes Benz, a Cadillac, an Aston Martin or even a Honda or a Toyota Corolla, their team will always go above and beyond by treating your vehicle as if it were their own no matter what brand it is. With their services, they can guarantee you dependability, quality, and damage-free services without breaking your bank. For more information, you can call their 24 hour service line at 630-364-2215.