Cantik Malaysian Hair Launches Raw Virgin Hair Line with a Charitable Purpose

For a start-up in the growing hair industry, virgin Malaysian hair vendor Cantik has made great progress, and the best part of it all is that they aren't just in it for profit.

Cantik's structure began back in 2012 when its founder Nichole Louise made a vacation trip to Malaysia, a country in Southeast Asia. While visiting local villages, she met the country's women and a compliment on their long lovely hair sparked several stories about recent black market attempts to obtain it through night raids and violence. This drove Nichole deep into research and inspired her to make a change in the virgin hair industry.

While most originally focused on virgin hair from India, with a recent interest in virgin hair from Brazil, Cantik is a little different. Like Cambodian hair supplier Arjuni, Cantik focuses on hair from one area and actually has roots in the country of origin.

Officially launched in 2013, Cantik Malaysian Hair receives much praise for traveling to Malaysia on frequent trips in order to safely and ethically collect authentic, pure Malaysian Hair directly from the source. These women donate their unprocessed virgin hair in cut ponytails for compensation to feed their children and families.

“With the help of my partner Ben Hin, who is currently living in Malaysia, I can ensure that even the women who receive steam processed virgin hair from our patterns line are also owners of authentic hair that was gathered using the right methods before arriving at the factory”, Nichole says.

Although still currently residing in Atlanta, GA, Nichole visits Malaysia almost every two months now to gather hair for the brand's raw Malaysian hair collection (only 10-20 bundles of this released per month). Ten percent of the sales from this and Cantik's other two collections are donated directly to charities in Malaysia (they currently support three) that specifically support women and children.

Cantik's website is