Tiffany Ceri Signs With Harris Management

Tiffany Ceri is ready to make the leap across the Atlantic to work in American film and television. The actress signed a management agreement with Harris Management this week as one of her first steps in making the transition. 

Ceri is originally from Wales and moved to London to further her career. In a short time, the young actress has compiled some solid credits and experience both in films, music videos and on the stage in both Wales and London. She can be seen starring in her most recent film, The Midnight Horror Show, this summer when it will be released in theaters on both sides of the Atlantic.

"I am so excited to be in Los Angeles right now," Ceri said. "L.A. is where you have to be sooner or later if you want to do the best work in film and television. Of course I love home and expect to be able to continue working there. But the goal is to make Hollywood the center of my career."

Ceri will be represented by Earnest Harris who speaks quite highly of her talent.

"I first became aware of Tiffany many months ago when she was still back in London," he said. "We communicated and stayed in touch until she was able to get over here. So we have been heading towards working together for some time. She is a phenomenal talent and I have no doubt she is going to do big things over here. We're lucky to have signed her."