Vidy Now Unveils A Lively Paper


Vidy is a very interesting concept that claims to add life to a paper. So long you have come to know about a lot of one of a kind application but this one actually bits them all. Vidy asserts to provide the facility of watching any video only through a piece of paper. It is a very advanced and innovative thought that has been brought forward to get a perfect shape.

Vidy is an application that is supported on android operating system. Having this app one can easily access to any video only a paper. You must have a question regarding the functionality of the same. In order to avail this facility, first of all one must have a device with android operating system. Then they need to log on to the website and paste the link of the video. One can also make use of his or her personal video. Once this is done they need to associate the image and get a print out. Thus the speaking pictures comes to a paper leading to ultimate enjoyment.

But then again you must think “what is the need for a fund raising campaign for this?” It is not unknown that it is highly expensive and tedious to develop a thought. Designing and programming an application successfully engages huge cost. The main purpose of the fund raise program is to beta test the app for modification. The team offer several alluring rewards for this. For example, against a contribution of 9 Euro, one can get access to Vidy app along with Account BASIC. For more than 19 EURO the Vidy application having Account PLUS in addition.

Not only that, in fact they have more such exciting offers. For contributing more than 29 Euro you can get Vidy PRO app with Account PRO where PRO carries 25 GB storage space. The team never asks to believe them blindly and so they offer the facility of testing them against a donation of more than 50 Euro and for the donation of more than 79 Euro you can get the chance of meeting the team Vidy.

It is indeed a great thought that can open up a new world of entertainment. In order to make the project successful they have come up with this fund raising campaign namely “crowd funding project”.

About the campaign:
It is done in order arrange money to properly design the application. It seeks for very less contribution with exciting rewards. To know more please visit