Voting at the Fairgrounds Industrial Building

For the first time, Casperites of several districts are voting at one central location as opposed to various schools where they have voted before.  County Clerk Renea Vitto reorganized fourteen precincts of Wards I and II to vote at the Fairgrounds Industrial Building.  Combining so many locations into a single polling place seemed as though it would create long lines and wait times for citizens wanting to cast a vote.  However, voting is moving quickly and smoothly at the location with an efficient computerized check in process and polling booths organized by location.  Voters simply check in at one of the centrally located computers, verify their identity, and take a printed label with them to the correct polling area.  Those who previously voted at Cottonwood school simply head over to the area labeled "Cottonwood" and cast their votes there.  The process has been streamlined to ensure that everyone is able to cast their ballots.  Polling locations will remain open until 7:00 p.m. today.