Aureus Medical talks physical therapists and top risk factors for back pain

Omaha, NE (August 24, 2015) - Back pain is probably going to be one of the biggest ailments you treat while on physical therapy jobs. As Aureus Medical Group discusses, the root cause behind your patient's back pain can be any one of a variety of factors, so it's important to understand what these are during your physical therapy assignments.

Back pain could be a symptom of a larger medical issue, or it could be just a mild discomfort for your patients. In any case, communicating with your patients and truly listening to their concerns is of the utmost importance.

Factors behind back pain
According to the Mayo Clinic, back pain is the No. 1 cause of disability across the globe. Chances are during your physical therapy jobs, you're going to encounter patients with back pain – maybe during several points in your day.

Many people already know that back pain can affect a lot of older people due to age-related conditions, but chronic back pain is on the rise for millennials as well. Several studies have shown that sedentary lifestyles and laptop technology-based jobs are fast-tracking back pain in younger generations. So, it's likely that you'll treat people from all walks of life with this ailment.

Patients can often be very concerned with back pain when it strikes, mostly because the symptoms can be very severe at the onset and come on suddenly. During these times, it's imperative to understand what the source of the pain is so that you can better reach a conclusion with other medical personnel about treatment.

Luckily, back pain is easily treatable and preventable, and surgery is rarely necessary. Here are some of the most common causes of back pain:

1. Pregnancy: The body goes through a lot changes during pregnancy, including weight shifts that might result in back pain.

2. Poor posture: Neutral pelvic positions and correct posture across your spine are crucial for optimal back health. Unfortunately, many people have jobs that require them to sit at desks for hours at a time, which can result in poor posture. Encourage your patients to choose chairs that don't allow them to slouch or hunch forward. Also inform your patients that taking breaks more often to walk around can further promote a more neutral pelvic position.

3. Stress and anxiety: The Mayo Clinic states that people who suffer from depression and anxiety have a greater risk of back pain. If patients have a particularly stressful job or suffer from psychological conditions, they might be manifesting the symptoms in back pain. 

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