Read the only graphic novel catalogued in the hallowed halls of the Vatican Archives - CruZader™ : Agent of the Vatican

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For Immediate Release: July 1, 2014

Read the only graphic novel catalogued in the hallowed halls of the Vatican Archives

CruZader™: Agent of the Vatican – available nationwide this September

OAKLAND – A new graphic novel chronicling the clandestine adventures of CruZader™: Agent of the Vatican, from creator and publisher Omar Morales, will be available nationwide following a successful, international crowdfunding campaign.

Until now, the only people who have had access to the book are Pope Francis, comic book podcasters, reviewers, and people that pledged support via The independent publisher is now offering his original graphic novel in both print and digital formats.

The legend of CruZader revolves around the monk-like Antonio De La Cruz, a reluctant exorcist who is retrained as a holy hitman for the Pope. De La Cruz must embrace his destiny in the face of a cryptic, apocalyptic prophecy in order to save the Vatican from annihilation. This bold and unique graphic novel features provocative front cover artwork by Dark Horse Comics® Star Wars® luminaries Paul Gulacy (line art) and Rain Beredo (colors).

“What drives this action-adventure tale is the inner conflict that Antonio suffers as a result of the violent duties he carries out on behalf of the Vatican,” Morales said. “There is a ton of strain and tension in Antonio’s relationship with the Pope, and he keeps a very explosive secret from the Pontiff, which adds to the intrigue and payoff of this origin story arc.”

The 144-page, full-color, hardcover graphic novel for mature readers will retail for $19.99 at:

•             Independent comic book retailers (Diamond Comics Distributors order code: JUL141266)

•             Digital distribution at and   

I've poured my heart and soul into the realization of CruZader over many years,” recalls Morales. “As an indie writer and creator, you face so many obstacles. I’m beyond gratified that my creative vision has come to fruition.”

“I’m the son of two Latino immigrants; I couldn't even speak English when I entered kindergarten back in the 1980s,” continued Morales. “If this isn’t living the American dream, I don’t know what is. I grew up on comics, cartoons, movies and videogames – and now I get to tell my story.”

Morales broke into the medium in 2008, when CruZader was just a one-shot, 22-page issue. The title was entered into a pair of contests and performed admirably, placing in the Top 25 in Platinum Studios’ international “Comic Book Challenge,” and taking first place in The CW TV Network’s “Comic Book Hero” contest. From there, CruZader debuted as a limited-print-run convention exclusive at San Francisco’s WonderCon 2008 – and fan reception was strong.

“Those contests and that first experience at WonderCon gave me the confidence I needed to dive in head first,” Morales recounts. “I knew I had to expand CruZader into a full-blown, 6-chapter graphic novel with my team of artists. Most people would’ve quit by now with all the challenges I've faced, but I’m driven to tell a different kind of story that no one else but me could tell.”

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LOGLINE: A reluctant priest is retrained as a Holy Warrior for the Pope; he must embrace his destiny in order to defend the Vatican from an invading army of radical terrorists … who are much more than what they appear.

SYNOPSIS: Antonio is the latest in an unbroken chain of men from the De La Cruz family of Spain to don the cowl of the CruZader, invisible hand of the Pope. Wielding an arsenal of precious relics, including the Spear of Christ, the Holy Grail, and the Rights of Exorcism, Antonio struggles with his archaic and often violent vocation. What he really craves is the freedom to choose his own path – a choice taken away by his very namesake.

TAGLINE: Prophecies. Aliens. Sinners & Saints. 

Format: Graphic novel, 6 chapters, 144 pages, full color cover and interiors

ISBN: 978-0-615-94370-1