Scienotech Precision Industrial Company Limited provides NPI and contract manufacturing

People’s Republic of China, May 26, 2014: Designing and manufacturing hardware involves critical processes that are to be followed precisely for desired production quality. Almost every big company in any sector focuses on its speciality while outsources the other tasks such as core development specialists of those task. Scienotech Precision Industrial Company Limited is a new product introduction (NPI) and contract manufacturing service provider in China. It offers both production and assembly of parts as well as whole units. Its services cater to the demand for custom metal fabrication and plastic and electronics manufacturing. However, companies in electrical and mechanical industries form the major fraction of its clientele.

Scienotech Precision outdoes its competitors especially in terms of quality of production and competitive price as well as direct deliver to the customer anywhere in the World. The contract manufacturer provides not only product manufacturing and assembly services but new product development, new production introduction and new product launch too. Rapid prototyping, plastic injection moulding, CNC machining, die casting, metal stamping, surface mounting, packaging, shipping, etc. are some of the tasks that are included in Scienotech Precision Industrial contract manufacturing services. Companies that prefer outsourcing full engineering process to partial in-house development can take the most advantage of provision of the company. The company stresses on provision of high quality finished products at competitive pricing and prides at its contribution to the projects of its clients and customers.

The characteristic attributes of Scienotech Precision make it the preferred choice of many renowned companies for contract manufacturing and assembly requirement. It has dedicated teams of experienced product developers, who play the key role in delivery of value-oriented services that the company claims to offer. The experience of more than 2 decades enables Scienotech Precision to prioritise quality and details and implement it to full extent. High quality service and punctual delivery at low cost make it one of the favourite options for hardware engineering outsourcing. While the list of its clientele is a kind of testimony to legitimacy of Scienotech Precision, the company has ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certification for its manufacturing facilities.

Some ranges of products that Scienotech Precision has successfully delivered are digital assistive dish-shaped lamp lights for medical operations, consumer electronics for Q9 headset, vertical transporter for industrial automation, sensor head connector for automation equipment. The company has manufactured and/or assembled various machines ranging from simple to highly complex. Its clientele is spread across consumer electronics, household appliance, medical equipment, agricultural equipment, automotive electronics, industrial automatic equipment and other similar industries.

About Scienotech Precision Industrial Company Limited:


Scienotech Precision Industrial Company Limited is a contract manufacturer in China. It was founded in 1955 and is 2,500-employees strong presently. It is located at North Renming Road in Fuyong Town of Baoan District in Shenzhen City.