DuraCeramic Solutions by Rocha Flooring

Rocha Flooring provides DuraCeramic flooring solutions to residential and commercial clients in Ontario. The company talks about the great features of this innovative material and their services.

[CAMBRIDGE, January 17, 2014] –Rocha Flooring, a top flooring solutions provider in Cambridge, is proud to deliver the superior qualities of DuraCeramic flooring to their valued clients in Ontario.As an industry leader in innovations, the company offers a great alternative to traditional materials. They provide a complete range of DuraCeramic flooring services to all types of residential and commercial jobs.

Great Features

Rocha Flooring shares that this limestone composite has the prime qualities of ceramic and vinyl tiles in terms of beauty, durability and versatility. The Cambridge-based company explains that this material is highly resistant to chipping and cracking to help maintain the integrity and appeal of floors. They add that DuraCeramic flooring comes in a wide selection of shades and textures, including stone, marble, natural wood, grain and  traditional Victorian designs. This gives clients more choices for the kind of finish they want in their space.

According to Rocha Flooring, the gentleness of this material to the feet is a great feature that is highly suitable for properties in cold climates.They share that walking on a flooring made of DuraCeramic provides a soothing effect and is calming to the senses. The company adds that this material is easy to clean, and its vivid colour could last for years with almost no maintenance required.

A Range of Services

Rocha Flooring shares that they what sets them apart from other companies is the complete range of DuraCeramic services they provide. They are proud to have many of the most experienced and skilled professionals in the industry. The flooring company assures clients that they can expect to receive a high level of service at every stage of the project, from consultation to installation.

About Rocha Flooring

Rocha Flooring Inc. is a premier flooring company serving the needs of residential and commercial clients in Ontario. They provide a range of services on different flooring materials, including hardwood, laminate, ceramic tiles, and vinyl, along with stairs and carpet jobs.

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