Twitter Showdown Brings L.A. and Australia together to talk about startups.

LOS ANGELES (April 7, 2015) –  The Silicon Valley startup challenge game, MonstRpreneur, and Global Trends Public Relations, a global communications agency, are hosting a Twitter chat next week that hopes to bring entrepreneurs from the two Silicon Beaches together to talk about startups.

The Silicon Beach #startupchat will take place on on Tuesday, April 14, at 4:30PM PDT in Los Angeles, California and Wednesday, April 15, at 9:30AM AEDT in Sydney, Australia. Participants can tweet during the showdown using the hashtag #startupchat. They can share opinions, photos and reasons why they are Silicon Beach.

Both Los Angeles and Sydney use the name Silicon Beach to describe their startup communities. In Australia, the term Silicon Beach was initially coined in 2008 to describe a loosely connected group of meetups along the coastline. As the startup ecosystem is growing strong throughout Sydney and Melbourne, many other Australian cities are also following suit. The term Silicon Beach has been used in Los Angeles since 1984 and is home to over 500 tech startup companies.

The Silicon Beach Twitter #startupchat is an exciting opportunity to bring these two regions together. ” said Catherine Pitcher, co-founder of MonstRpreneur. “While Silicon Beach in L.A. may have more international recognition, Australia is thriving with their internet innovation. We hope to bring a little Silicon Valley fun to these communities.”

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