Heavy Weapon: Precursor of War - The Ultimate Homage to 80's Action Movies

Immediate Release:  January 10, 2014 - In tandem with its website (, Heavy Weapon: Precursor of War is now available for purchase, primarily aimed at those who would like to re-live the classic entertainment style of 80's exploitation films, but accessible enough for those who are interested experiencing it for the first time.

Get ready for the ULTIMATE homage to 80's action movies!!

This all new graphic novel, written by author David Desjardin, is essentially everything that should be expected of an 80's action movie and more!  Featuring all the cheesiness of B-movies and all the excitement of action films of that era, it's by no accident that Heavy Weapon feels like an 80's action movie -- because it was born of them. Heavy Weapon may be a graphic novel, but at its heart, it is the sequel to every action movie ever made... 

"I love pretty much anything filmed in the jungle on a shoestring budget, with machine guns and explosions", said author David Desjardin.  "With the release of Heavy Weapon, I wanted to be able to bring back the explosiveness and unchained 'schlock and awe' of 80's entertainment that could only be found in the Namsploitation genre," he fondly confessed.

"War is the last resort. For him, it's the first!"

The hero of the story is Vietnam veteran, John Magnum, who was trained by his mentor, Colonel Deckard, to be part of an elite Special Forces team.  After years of combat, Magnum left the military, following the tragic loss of his entire battalion while under his command.  He just wanted to live a quiet life and forget his violent past.  But now, years later, his peace is disturbed after Colonel Deckard tracks Magnum down and tries to convince him to assist in a Secret Operation, however Magnum refuses -- it's not his battle anymore.  Only a few days pass before news reaches Magnum that the Colonel's mission has failed, and that Deckard is being tortured and held for ransom.  Magnum knows he can't leave his friend behind, and vows to wage a personal war to bring Deckard and his team home!

David Desjardin's 80s-inspired literary account is illustrated by Michela Da Sacco, inked by Andrew Dodd and lettered by Jaymes Reed.

Paperback and Kindle copies are available now worldwide on and Barnes & Noble.  Hardcover copies will begin circulation starting January 15, 2014 and a Comixology release is coming soon.  Also planned for 2014 is an extremely limited box set called the "Munition Edition" that includes rare collectibles not found anywhere else.  For more info on this special edition and other formats,


The author, David Desjardin, describes himself as an artist, storyteller and avid gamer, who unapologetically admits to being hopelessly stuck in the 80's, with an undying love for the B-movies, action films, and music of that era...

Heavy Weapon: Precursor of War is an original graphic novel by David Desjardin, illustrated by Michela Da Sacco, inked by Andrew Dodd and lettered by Jaymes Reed.  Heavy Weapon: Precursor of War takes readers back to a world of entertainment filled with adrenalin, testosterone, bullets and explosions - the 80's!


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