Original Basketball Play Designed Awes Fans and Wins Championship

The Elev|8 Ganon Baker Basketball Academy team, which launched its inaugural season in October 2012, has designed an original new play that awed the fans in its effectiveness.

ELEV8 Sports Institute's Elite High School team executed the "Double Alley Oop" in a game on January 3rd, 2014 against Hollywood Hills High School and executed it again against Carroll City High School the next evening at the 3-day 2014 Hollywood New Year’s Tournament. Chris Shields flashes to the high post, throwing an initial alley oop to Keondre Dew, who in turn throws a second alley oop to DJ Clayton for the insane slam.  (See video here:    

Team standouts during this tournament included Keondre Dew, Max Sudarkin, Nikita Shantaley and Reggie Reid.  D.J. Clayton took home the Most Valuable Player of the entire event.  The ELEV|8 High School Team played 3 games in 3 days and emerged victorious in all bringing home a well-earned championship.

The Nike Sponsored  Elev|8 Ganon Baker Basketball Academy Team is comprised of 32 student athletes from around the world who are immersed in a residential program designed to improve athletic and academic skills by providing individualized curriculum that is rigorous but flexible enough to allow each student to maximize their training and studies.

“Our focus is on excellence on and off the court – in the classroom and in the community,” says Cody Toppert, director of basketball operations at the Elev|8 Sports Institute. “We are trailblazers in education, training and the game.”

The Elev|8 Sports Institute, also home to well-respected baseball and lacrosse programs that draw students internationally, has earned recognition from Nike and other supporters for its ability to produce college-bound student athletes. Last year 100 percent of the graduating students were accepted into college and seniors received more than $580,000 in scholarships. 

“Elev|8 has a training formula that works,” Toppert said. “Our results speak for themselves.”

Ganon Baker, Executive Director of the ELEV|8 Basketball Division and a Nike Skills Development Trainer, has worked with a number of NBA stars including Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Amar’e Studemire, is well-known by Nike as an industry leader. He is also a motivational speaker at schools and churches worldwide who focuses on five concepts: intensity, consistency, persistence, faith and love.

“Our players and coaches are excited to push harder and be innovative in every aspect of life,” Baker said.

About ELEV|8 Sports Institute

ELEV|8 Sports Institute is a multi-sport training center offering a variety of programs, including a residential nine-month academy program, professional athlete training, high-intensity training camps, and other customized training opportunities. ELEV|8 Sports Institute is a destination for athletes around the world and for all skill levels.  ELEV|8 Sports Institute offers sport-specific training in basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and performance training. With the mission of ‘Training Excellence,’ ELEV|8 is a leader in the athlete-training industry. For additional information, please visit